The Black and White of Emerald Lake

Published: February 5th 2017
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Mid-winter excursions are made more exciting by the weather demons! Even signing up weeks in advance for the Skrastin's Outdoor Club day at Emerald Lake , I said to myself, "I hope it won't be the coldest day of the year!" It was. Arrival temperature was in the region of -27C! My wimpish self and a few others who were not embarking on a day of skiing or snowshoeing headed straight to the Emerald Lake Lodge for coffee. With great empathy, they dispensed coffee for free - hot and in finger-warming glass mugs.

Warmed, Candace and I repositioned our many layers and took our cameras into the visual paradise of snow-covered forests and lake. Fully overcast, the sky emitted pale light, rendering the scenes in natural black and white. The wind had sculpted the pure snow on the low-hanging evergreen branches into abstract blobs. The frozen lake was a pane of opaque frosted glass. In stark contrast, a winter water "pond" was open on the Emerald River, reflecting the dark trees and their adorning snow jewels. For a brief interlude, the sun pushed through the draping cloud, not to shine but to borrow the moon's glow.

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Reflections of snow sculpturesReflections of snow sculptures
Reflections of snow sculptures

Unexpected open water
Towering peaksTowering peaks
Towering peaks

Light above the treeline
Emerald LakeEmerald Lake
Emerald Lake

Majesty of rock
Snow blobsSnow blobs
Snow blobs

Nature's gift to our imagination
Emerald Lake LodgeEmerald Lake Lodge
Emerald Lake Lodge

Every structure a canvas

Emerald Lake Lodge

5th February 2017
Sun, but not shining

Oh Canada

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