Yoho National Park, Canadian Rockies

Published: August 21st 2009
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Mtn. GoatMtn. GoatMtn. Goat

Not the least bit shy, this mtn goat (really a sheep) was munching away next to the highway with his mate munching away on the other side.
I camped two nights in Yoho. The whole time I was there I kept singing the "Pirates of the Caribbean" song, "yoho yoho a pirate's life for me," though I was more likely to sing the church camp version to the same tune, "yoho yoho a Christian's life for me. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise God all creatures here below, praise God above ye heavenly hosts, Creator, Christ, and HO-ly Ghost. Yoho yoho.... etc."

The first day, Monday, I drove up to Takakkaw Falls and hiked a bit up Yoho Valley. The second day, the 18th, I went to Emerald Lake, iconic Canadian Rockies lake, and hiked up to Emerald Basin. This was a much more substantial hike, climbing steeply up from the valley floor and wandering up and down over a trail full of shrub and tree roots (that are slippery and prone to trip you) and rocks (also tricky). The trail ended in a washout. I could see the basin, just a bit ahead, but no clear way to get there. More dedicated hikers than me were valiantly heading this way and that through the bush but I decided to sit down on a slab
Takakkaw FallsTakakkaw FallsTakakkaw Falls

The Cree word "takakkaw" means "magnificent." I'd agree.
of shale and enjoy the day. Then I headed back. A total of about 6 miles, with fair elevation gain and loss.

I like camping. Except for deciding what to do when I need to pee at night, I like sleeping in the tent. I like the cold air and the sounds of wind and trees rustling. I like cooking on my camp stove (rice and veggies; chili and corn). I like reading a book and drinking a glass of wine in the wilderness. I like watching Molly do her doggy things in the woods. She's on a 30-foot lead which she regularly gets tangled up in the bushes. She'll get stuck, unable to go forward, too small-brained to figure out she needs to go back, but she sits quietly, alert to wildlife, waiting for me to notice that she's stuck. Then I untangle her and she begins her contemplation again.

We went the next day, August 19, on to Kootenay NP. That's for the next blog.

Additional photos below
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Yoho Valley TrailYoho Valley Trail
Yoho Valley Trail

I hiked up this trail a couple of miles; coldish day, clouds, exhilaration.
pine bristlespine bristles
pine bristles

on the yoho valley trail
cute fearless rodentcute fearless rodent
cute fearless rodent

I guess this fat little rodent critter knew how to pose.
GRAY waterGRAY water
GRAY water

for Jackie. This is the Yoho River.
Natural BridgeNatural Bridge
Natural Bridge

on the road to Emerald Lake
Emerald LakeEmerald Lake
Emerald Lake

Jackie, it looks more like turquoise to me. At any rate, a gem.
vista from Emerald Basinvista from Emerald Basin
vista from Emerald Basin

What I contemplated as I ate my peanut butter and marmalade.
Emerald Lake tooEmerald Lake too
Emerald Lake too

Later in the day, on the return trip from Emerald Basin
Molly Ever VigilantMolly Ever Vigilant
Molly Ever Vigilant

Molly sat alert and ready to spring for hours at our campsite, her beady eye on the squirrel in the tree above.
Chuckles the SquirrelChuckles the Squirrel
Chuckles the Squirrel

Meanwhile, Chuckles yakked and tittered in the trees. This squirrel teased my dog!

21st August 2009

mtn goat????
Thanks for the beautiful pictures, Cindy!
21st August 2009

your travels
Am so enjoying your photos and commentary of this travel blog, Cindy. The goat/sheep looks like one of our Baldy Nelson Big Horns. Molly looks better. Has her hot spot healed? I'm a bit better, too. When will you be home? Love, Maurya

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