Day 7 I've got nothing!

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December 23rd 2015
Published: June 25th 2017
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This could almost be a Mac blog report because I've got nothing.

Seriously spent the day watching the snow fall. It was mesmerisingly beautiful and so simple. Guess it compares with watching the waves roll in on the coast. We do have the added bonus of watching the icicles grow. They creep longer and sharper, drip by drip and could seriously be classified as deadly weapons!

And out amongst the snowflakes today was one little squirrel who made such a determined effort to steal the scarf from around Frosty's neck. He worried at it for about 30 minutes but couldn't beat the knot. Mindy wanted to untie it and give it to him as a reward for trying so hard.

Ian took Anthony and Michael up onto Whistler Mountain to catch some powder. Went to the peak to try out Glacier Bowl and had lots of success stories but no photos! Just have to imagine it. But they had all the lingo going in describing the session so to the uninitiated it sounded as if there were plenty of challenging runs.

Got the ingredients and utensils sorted in the kitchen and whipped up the sweets and desserts for Christmas Day. Not "quite" the same ingredients so just have to be creative and hope for the think I am playing to a captive audience who will appreciate "anything."

Still laughing because "somehow" the sacred Caramello Koalas and the Flakes that I carried from Australia for the stocking countdown have disappeared overnight. Interestingly, their disappearance has coincided with the arrival of "someone." Some things never change.

Mindy and I hit the shops again and actually purchased a couple of specials. Then I was solo for another trip to IGA and the loaded walk home. Interesting how discriminating your shop is when you know you have to carry it home through the snow.

The night wrapped up with a three course dinner for 6 at home at The Gables....pork and vege soup, custom made pizzas and Santa fudge slice all washed down with on tap delights of the season and a fruit platter. Not bad at all.

Michael and Ian needed to do one last dash to the Village to swap out a snow board and plans are in place for a fresh tracks start at 7 am because snow is predicted to fall all night. Mindy, "of course," will be at work again.

Maybe Mac and I will just watch the snow fall again. Perfect days.
You know what - "I've got nothing" suits me.

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