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April 27th 2007
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On this trip around the world, we decided to stop in Whistler (Canada), where we’ve been snowboarding, skiing and climbing in just over a week!

We have made some great new friends including the young adults who were teaching us.

We were lucky because it snowed a lot on the mountains and was -9 degrees at the top, but was reasonably sunny at the bottom. We were also lucky because there was a free Telus Festival where they were giving away free stuff like Coke, Yop the yoghurt, McDonald Muffins, badges and more!

In Whistler, I was learning snowboarding for the first time. It’s difficult but fun!

I did some skiing as well but mainly snowboarding. I have now been snowboarding for four days and Jake went for six.
He went for two days more than me, because I went skiing instead.

It was hard learning, you had to get up everyday at 6.30 am, get ready, have a big breakfast and be on the slopes by 8.00am!

At the end Jake's even managed to do a 180 degree jump and landed it! I can do jumps but not a 180 yet! I also went skiing on some black runs.

After the snowboarding lessons, we would go to a special place called “The Core” where we would go climbing from 6.00-9.00pm. You had to wear a safety harness and special climbing shoes to climb up the really high walls. I even made it up once blindfolded! It was fantastic!

So Whistler is a fun, amazing, fantastic and pretty wonderful place to be.

By Helena Everson-Crane

PS have a look at my photos!

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Dad fits everything into the ski lockerDad fits everything into the ski locker
Dad fits everything into the ski locker

Later it all fell out onto his head...!

27th April 2007

Well Done, Helena!
I am very impressed that you have written this bog and chosen and downloaded the photos all by yourself! Well done! Mum X
27th April 2007

The Perfect Climb for Helena
Hi Helena, I can't think of anything more perfect for you, a difficult climb! But you found something even more perfect, a difficult climb - blindfolded. You were always climbing as a toddler, with no fear. It looks like you had a great time in Canada. Couldn't Mum and Samuel have found a bigger carton of popcorn? Lots of love Kathryn xxx
27th April 2007

Halloo! thought i'd post a comment on this blog as it's the latest, oh, and jake's looking very cool covered in snow, + holding his snowboard, I take it he didn't want that photo taken..? Looks rather mean and moody to me...anywhooo, Hope you had a good B-day Jake, and goodbye! =)
27th April 2007

Hello, Helena! I can't keep up with your climate changes - first T-shirts, then dustbin-liner ponchos, then padded snow clothes! Anyway, snowboarding and climbing look great fun. Keep at it and you'll catch up with Jake.
27th April 2007

Thanks for your comment
To be honest the photos of Jake not looking at the camera were when he didn't know they were being taken, because if he did know he would have probably snowboarded off, hoping it wouldn't be taken! Helena
29th April 2007

What a beautiful blog Helena. We loved the pictures especially the one of you climbing blind folded!! It looks like your having an amazing time. Love Lauren and Jack xxxxxxxxx
29th April 2007

Thank you for your comment
Thanks so much for your comment .Congratulation on buying the new house ,where about is it ? Hope to see you soon. from helena
1st May 2007

Snowboarding tips
Hi Helena, what a super sporty time you've had at Whistler. I'd like to learn Snowboarding - can you give me some tips when you're back?

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