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October 3rd 2011
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Hampster in a wheel

Well another week has passed. This one would have to be the most uneventful of them all so far. This week I lived much as the hermits do, cloistered away behind closed doors working on somthing that supposedly will reward me for my patience and virtues. HA! I did not leave the general vicinity of the University this week as I had assignments and lots of other pretty little things due ( will include a map to highlight my lack of adventures). Being the good, wise and studious person I am I sacrificed my precious time to complete these things, which I must say, at this point I am up to date with with. Although I did manage to write 1000 more words than was required...but who can blame me? Anglo-Indian relations in colonial Canada is just too thrilling a subject to stop writing about!

About the highlight of my week was my (in my mind) brush with death. This sounds melodramaticand for those that know me know that this is way out of the ordinary for me. It was on Saturday just gone and I was watching a movie, I had a headache but I ignored that until every now and then the movie wouldn't make sense to me (not just because it was crap) I couldn't make out what they were saying or recognise what was being said. The screen then startd to get blurry and things started spinning. So I got up to get some air. I barely got to the door when powerful nausea oftook me and things started spinning majorly. I had to use the walls to kind of throw myself against to get to the bathroom without collapsing. I was the only person home at this stage and I started panicking the dizziness was becoming that bad. I literally thought to myself, I can't get to the office or even my phone to call help if it gets worse. If I passout here I'll be here till somone gets home if I don't come too. It was really scary. By this stage I was so hot I was pouring with sweat and my clothes were damp. I flung myself into the bathroom and stuck my head in the vacinity of the toilet, feeling the need to vomit although nothing was forthcoming. I layed down on the floor (probably not overly hygenic, but I didn't care) because it was wonderfully cold. I'm not sure how long I was there, but when I got up after the dizziness had subsided a bit I looked at myself in the mirror, other than the shining beacon of lovliness I always omit I was as white as a sheet and sweat still dripping. At this point I could at least walk normally. I promptly returned to my room and went to bed. It was not a great experience. Made even scarier, I think, because it was the first time I was really reminded just how far I am from home and everything that is normal. All I can say is I hope to God it doesn't happen again.

Well thats about it, a bit gloomy (or a good laugh depending how many pins some of you have stuck in that Voodoo doll you have of me) but these are the experiences of life we must all go through.

Until next week, which I hope to be more exciting....if I can find my student card that is....won't be going anywhere without it otherwise.



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