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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof May 30th 2010

Woke to an incredibly clear blue sky! We got off at 8:30 and headed west on the Yellowhead Highway to Kitwanga where we picked up BC 37 (the Cassiar Highway) headed north toward Watson Lake on the Alaska Highway. We got to Meziadin Provincial Park and the book said that they had no electrical hookups, so we headed down BC 37A to Stewart, since we were going to do that tomorrow anyway. We got to Bear River RV Park only to find out that they will not allow soft sided campers (pop-ups). So we went down to the municipal RV park to find that they were completely closed. While we hadn’t planned on going to Hyder, AK, that is where we wound up - - at Camp Run-A-Muck. LOTS of mosquitos there! Bear River Campground didn’t ... read more
Mountains Along Yellowhead Hwy
Skeena River Canyon
Totem Poles in Kitwanga, BC

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof May 29th 2010

We took the camper down in the rain, wiping and drying the best we could as we tucked it all in. It didn’t look like the rain was going to stop anytime soon, so we’ll just have to deal with damp bed covers when we stop for the night. We caught a glimpse of our first moose of the trip about 10 miles from camp. We saw Bob and Gena and another car pull over, but saw the second of two moose only briefly as it crossed the road. Shortly thereafter, we saw a black bear ambling into the woods. Later we saw another bear, this one golden brown in color. Kerry managed to pull over when we spotted a third bear, this one snoozing up the hill. When I got out with my camera it ... read more
Black Bear
Goat River
Fraser River

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof May 29th 2010

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN. We drove up BC 5 almost to Valemount before the rain stopped and it became partly cloudy. That is really too bad because we were driving through some beautiful mountain scenery. Saw lots of wildlife today - - though only one photo, and it wasn’t worth keeping since we were moving way too fast and couldn’t get stopped because of the traffic. Good roads the whole way. Went to Walmart in Prince George and it had the most convoluted access I have ever seen - - don’t think we would have found the way in if not for the Magellan GPS machine. Saw plenty of rugged, snow capped mountains on both sides of the Yellowhead Hwy (BC16). Stayed at Dave’s RV Park in Vanderhoof, BC for the night - - the cleanest and ... read more
Mountains along BC 5
Waterfall along BC 5
Rocky Mtns along BC 16

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof September 27th 2009

This trip from Mc Bride to Ft. St. James was short lol We left after we dropped my grandson off at school at 8:30 or so. We gassed up and left. lol The only services is in PG. The trip was uneventful and quick. We talked about how the trip has gone so fast lol we have traveled a long ways and saw some interesting things. I was excited to see my dad brothers, sons and old friends I went to school with. The last 2 yrs we have been in the Fort, we stayed at The New Caledonia. The experience was not good lol so we decided that we were going to another place. The other place was full. Nat told him of our experiences and he suggested that we ask for the newer units ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof July 15th 2009

Here is the quick update. We left Oregon on time (Sunday morning) and made it to Cultus Lake, BC the first night. Pretty boring drive for the most part, but we just wanted to put on some miles. We were very fortunate to have a host family the first night; we had a lot of fun with Brian, Jewell, and Jenae (I apologize if I spelled that wrong)! The next night we camped near 100 Mile House, with a little 50 mile 'detour' that got us nowhere. Lesson learned: camp where it is most convenient. Tonight we are with hosts in Vanderhoof, BC. Tomorrow we are on to the start of the Cassiar Hwy, and possibly going over to Stewart. We plan on camping tomorrow night, and for quite a while from here on out. Today, ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof May 29th 2009

It is almost 9:00 and it is so light that you could sit outside and read the paper. It gets dark around 10:30 and light at 4:30 am. We got the camper fixed, and back on the road. The photo is actually a wonderful rest stop wher we had lunch. The roads are great, lots of passing lanes and rest stops. We saw our first Brown Bear today! But the big news is we were stopped at a liquor store, this guy came up and asked if we would be willing to do a "tagline" for thier TV station. So Ed is now a TV star! Luckily, we had put the beer away already! I made my first grocery store trip in Canada. Wow, what produce! and great prices too. The only thing is you have ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof September 1st 2008

Vanderhoof is the closest I can get to where I am.........Takla Landing, B.C. It has been a long journey coming home to B.C., and, when I finally did return two weeks ago, I did choose to stay in Vancouver, or Prince George, or even Ft. St. James. No, I chose Takla Landing, on the shores of the immensely beautiful Takla Lake. I'll work and live here, among the pines and the moose and the very friendly Takla First Nations people. The area is so..............quiet. I came back to B.C. from Kiev, million people and NEVER quiet! Before that, the UAE..........quieter, in a way, but nothing like this. Before that, Qinhuangdao, China.....NOT quiet!!! It is almost unnervingly quiet!!! Takla Lake is in almost the geographical center of B.C., only a few kilometers from Vanderrhoof, the true ... read more
Ft. St. James 1
Ft. St. James 2

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof June 22nd 2007

*** CLICK ON THE PHOTOS TO ENLARGE*** Cache Creek - possibly the friendliest place in British Columbia? What can I say about the hospitality of this little town in the middle of the B.C. desert? It all started with Lynne who owns and runs the Cache Creek B&B. From the moment I had rang her doorbell looking tired, frazzled and somewhat sweaty she made me feel so welcome. I think most people would have thought twice about allowing such an individual into their house, but perhaps Lynne could see that I had had a tough day and that I would 'scrub up well' (this is a saying my mum often uses). Having heard about my tales of woe the night before, I was welcomed in the morning with a fabulous breakfast made by not one, ... read more
The Dynamic Duo
Wild horses
There is always a clue in the name

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vanderhoof February 19th 2007

Of course before we take off across the world we have to get in a few more trips across the Province. A work trip to Prince George turned into a visit with my best friend Shelley and her girls, Bianca (Kotah's best friend) and Dayla in Vanderhoof. We met and became the greatest of friends as we were neighbours in a duplex in Cleawater. Oh, many a fun time happened there. Now we live 7 hours apart in good weather and i make sure I see them whenever possible. We had a great visit. Shelley and I stayed in and chatted for three days while Dakotah and Bianca went to the highschool dance, and Dakotah got to experience a regular day of school in highschool. I had spies at the dance. We took a friend from ... read more

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