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September 27th 2009
Published: September 27th 2009
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This trip from Mc Bride to Ft. St. James was short lol We left after we dropped my grandson off at school at 8:30 or so. We gassed up and left. lol The only services is in PG.

The trip was uneventful and quick. We talked about how the trip has gone so fast lol we have traveled a long ways and saw some interesting things.

I was excited to see my dad brothers, sons and old friends I went to school with. The last 2 yrs we have been in the Fort, we stayed at The New Caledonia. The experience was not good lol so we decided that we were going to another place. The other place was full. Nat told him of our experiences and he suggested that we ask for the newer units at New Caledonia and so we did, it was by far the best place we stayed on this journey!! LOL

First place we went to was Dad's, stayed with him and went to the motel. Then we went to see my brother Archie. He had taken out some moose meat for our supper. LOL Best part was he cooked but first we

Mount Pope
sat outside and visited with friends. We had fun lol lots of laughter.

I called my oldest son, told him we would see him tomorrow. My other son was at my bro's house and he called his daughter to spend some time with gramma. Awesome!! She is so cute, sweet lil girl lol not so lil she is 14!! I had bought her some shirts in Gary Indiana too. We went home kinda late that night!

Next day we went to dad's for brekky. Then I realized that I needed more money lol so we had to go to Prince George, I tried calling my son, so we could kidnap him and take him to PG but he had gone to enroll in the next cooking course which starts in Feb. So we took my Uncle Dabid. We stopped at Bednesti for lunch. We were going to go to bingo but by the time we got back it was after 7 so we went to my son's house and had a ham dinner he cooked, we spent a few hrs with him. He gave me moose meat, salmon & dry meat 😊😊😊😊 lol then it was near 9:30

My son & daughter Tiff
we went to my bro's house to do laundry!! Man by the time that was done it was 11:30 or closer to midnight lol we went back to our room to pass out lol

The next day a very dear & close friend. Well I call her sister 😊 came by to visit. We had a great chat and spent an hr or so catching up. Hopefully she comes to visit me in the near future.
We then went to My oldest son, Curt's place to pick up the meat, then to Arch's place for the rest of the meat 😊 lol I had got my pic taken for my status card and almost forgot to pick it up lol Another childhood friend was doing her practicum at Kwah hall so I stopped by to say "Hi & Bye" to her lol that's what I seem to do LOL Not enough time to see everybody. This time I did not stop to see any elders 😞 But Euphrasia might come to see me too lol I hope so. I'd like to catch up with her too LOL

We headed back to Mc Bride, 😊 I get to spend

My son & granddaughter
another night visiting my grandson 😊 because we didn't stop in The Pas.😊

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foreground My bro Kenny, my son Chris & Cree

My uncle Dabid

Bro Kenny

My son Chris

Uncle Dabid

My granddaughter

My bro James

Harold Prince

My bro Arch with his truck behind him

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