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June 13th 2012
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tea and a booktea and a booktea and a book

arrived in Vancouver, found the local used bookstore, asked where a good coffee shop was and posted up to read for a bit.
Vancouver has kidnapped me and I'm totally okay with it. I've been here about a week and a half and everyday has been full of Vancouver culture. I've uploaded a lot of pictures and even some video to add to the story.

In short, I have spent time with incredible people and have had tons of variety with each person I've stayed with. From crashing with Taylor (a dear friends brother who is getting his PhD from UBC), to staying with Katie (a client from North Point and classical musician), and then moving to Rup's house (Katie's co-worker who I met at their closing concert and again at the staff party). All houses in different neighborhoods with different experiences to absorb. First was the Kitsilano district, a beach town with a beachside community pool, a gorgeous walkway along the water, and yummy upscale cafe's and restaurants. Then, to Katie's apartment complex with delicious California edibles stocked in the kitchen and lots of homecooked meals, a jacuzzi bathtub, and Katie, one of the best tour guides a lady could hope for. Finally, Rupinder's house off Commercial Drive aka The Drive, which is likened to the Haight in San Francisco.

3 books3 books3 books

MacLeod's Bookstore. One of the BEST used bookstores I've found. Downtown Vancouver, aisles of piled books. Walked out with three new books to read.. and a recommendation for good food and coffee. (pays to know the secrets of how to find the local spots :)
had a fair bit of solo time as well as friend time with Taylor, Katie, Rup, Tarun and Alexandra. I spent an afternoon in the public library reading a book I'd been looking for for months and finished it, experienced the Vancouver spiritual scene in a group meditation, walked the Stanley park Seawall taking in Vancouver's natural beauty, and attended various different events throughout the rest of the week.

Katie invited me one night to the end of the year concert put on by the kids she teaches at SoM (school of music). Kids between middle school and high school learn all sorts of different music and then put on a concert for parents, friends, and teachers. This school was started by the Vancouver native Sarah McLachlan and man there is some serious talent there. Then, the next night we returned to the school for her staff party where Sarah McLachlan attended and spoke as we ate and drank. Meanwhile, in Vancouver the Bhangra Festival was in full swing, so after the staff party we headed downtown to dance. Out dancing I met Tarun, Rup's friend and fellow musician whose band I saw at the hot springs in Ashland,
engraved with the name Karma engraved with the name Karma engraved with the name Karma

mr. plumbeans houseboat.
Oregon. Talk about a small world. I spent the next three days with them attending their gigs and seeing a whole other side to Vancouver. They played on Vancouver island for a student rally in support of Montreal protests. As well as at UBC's Farm fundraiser to support the farm on the UBC campus. The Mayor, his wife, as well as top chef's from all over Vancouver attended and prepared delicious food for attendee's to enjoy. From there we went to the Italian Festival on Commercial Drive where we saw a grape crushing contest with men and women, did a little salsa dancing, and ate ice cream sandwiches. Rup and I left the Italian fest and headed downtown where he was the Master of Ceremonies for the 19th annual Vancouver International Storytelling Festival for the closing ceremony. For two hours I listened to stories of life and native culture, ate more delicious food, and then heard some Q&A with the storytellers. It was a full weekend that left me filled with gratitude, good food, and lots of dancing. In all honesty, I cannot even believe my good fortune and life. Experiences just continue to come and I roll with it

in crime amongst the whites

Later today I'm taking the ferry back to Vancouver island where I'm staying with a couple from couchsurfing on their 27' sail boat in the Victoria harbour. From there we will see where I end up. Maybe on the islands. Maybe in the Olympics. But definitely back in Seattle on June 23rd to meet my mom and aunt for more Seattle and Vancouver adventures.

Talk to you soon,


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feeding the birdsfeeding the birds
feeding the birds

cute couple making an afternoon of it
full moon gatheringfull moon gathering
full moon gathering

based off the sushi place the woman from MacLeod's told me about, I found a flier about a full moon gathering the next day. Jumped on it and ended up here and doing an hour long silent meditation. SCORED
bald eaglesbald eagles
bald eagles

two bald eagles perched on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g

of course i had to
pier to pierpier to pier
pier to pier

great mode of transportation. loved the little munchkin with a sweet beanie and british accents. i mean COME ON
Seawall WalkSeawall Walk
Seawall Walk

walked along the Seawall for about 4 hours. great way to see Stanley park and lots of incredible vistas

stopped here to rest on a log and take in the amazing sky and view
Lions GateLions Gate
Lions Gate

remind you of somewhere?!
Sarah McLachlan School of MusicSarah McLachlan School of Music
Sarah McLachlan School of Music

End of the Year closing concert. Kids from middle school through high school. AMAZING EXPERIENCE with Katie Rife.
staff partystaff party
staff party

Katie brought me to her end of the year staff party. Yeah, Sarah McLachlan was there.
Rup and KatieRup and Katie
Rup and Katie

out on the town.
magazine flowermagazine flower
magazine flower

holding a magazine Katie hands me and no sooner does a bee land on the flower with pollen on its legs and stays trying to pollinate. bizzy bee
Jericho BeachJericho Beach
Jericho Beach

scenic drive with amazing view
ferry ride to Victoriaferry ride to Victoria
ferry ride to Victoria

made friends with Rup and Tarun, who brought me with them to their show on Vancouver Island.

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