The Eagle has Landed

Published: July 9th 2010
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First day of summer trek, and I am in Vancouver. Impressions so far: a) Canada is too damn wide and 8 hours + in a plane (stop over Edmonton) is too long; b) too hot here...I thought heat waves were in central and eastern Canada; c) I didn't pack well. Its a skill, to shrink your entire life to a couple pieces of luggage that have to function well in and out of public transport and hotels. I'll need a few more days to shuffle things around, discard items too heavy and buy all purpose hairclips and sweaters and shoes. My body has to toughen up, my mind has to adjust to time differences. Homebody has to go back to gypsy mode.
So far the journey has been uneventful. Vancouver airport (domestic) has terrific people in the Information offices and it only costs $6 to store a suitcase. Everyone is relaxed, friendly and obliging. A good start for such an unplanned holiday.
Next day.....still hellish hot, but beautiful! I took skytrain, bus, and ferry, then taxi to get to hotel in Gibsons (where The Beachcombers was filmed). I am meeting Zack this evening. Stay tuned for more photos.

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Vancouver Airport DomesticVancouver Airport Domestic
Vancouver Airport Domestic

Relaxed, functional, friendly and cheap luggage storage office

View from Skytrain as we head towards the city. The logs seem 'typical' B.C.
Downtown VancouverDowntown Vancouver
Downtown Vancouver

My connecting bus was so fast that I didn't have a chance to take many photos of downtown
Stanley ParkStanley Park
Stanley Park

I think the bus drove through park area.

Is this Stanley Bridge? On way to Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.
Horseshoe BayHorseshoe Bay
Horseshoe Bay

This is where you catch ferry to Gibsons.

Passing us, going to Horseshoe Bay
BeachComber landBeachComber land
BeachComber land

Yup, this is the site where they filmed the show, right here at 'Molly's Reach'

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