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September 17th 2008
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(definitely NOT the subject of this blog...)
(This blog is in fact, inspired by a best-selling-blogging-book…and is shameless promotion for Gaz, Guru of blogging...proof of this being that he is the THE OFFICIAL BLOGGER for UBC exchange students!!…so before you go on…I suggest you don’t…just go and read his…☺...

*huh humm*.....

I failed as a blogger, long before I ever bared my innermost thoughts on the internet. This tragic truth revealed itself to me as I was reading the cover title of best - selling - blogging - book “no one cares what you had for lunch”…

So, as I desperately try to forget that incredible cinnamon bun I had this morning…I will try my best to search my muddled brain and write about something of significance. Something that people really care about….

Nudists and the moment I fell in love with Canada. DISCLAIMER: nudists are not the reason I fell in love with Canada….they just happened to be there…in fact they were everywhere…

As I winded down the 300 million stairs to “Wreck Beach” I was expecting (a mental asylum??)No, but at least, something rather deserted…something without people…or at least…people with clothes…

Instead I found dancing naked hippies… a beach
wreck beachwreck beachwreck beach

one of the seven wonders of the University of British Columbia...
strewn with smooth pale driftwood, and a sunset that could’ve slipped into a tequila sunrise. The music lacked a certain quality we like to call "good", and there were a rather alarming number of old men playing Frisbee...naked. A strange smell diffused through the air, suspiciously named “BC bud” …now I’m british for god’s sake, we just don't DO this kinda thing…i mean i'd expect it from the dutch ;-) ...(haha just a little teasing my dear Roo...<

yet as I took a walk out to the far point and stood on the rocks, looking out on all these crazy, happy naked people, I unexpectedly, and indeed, most foolishy, fell head over heels in love with the place completely....

Simply didn’t matter I was one of the only women wearing clothes, because, as we watched the sun set (and people …cheered??...l ;-)) i realised that, clothed or, not, we were all just bits of driftwood washed up on Canada shores.

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happy naked hippies!!!happy naked hippies!!!
happy naked hippies!!!

...holding hands....

it's here, there...everywhere!

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