Alaska Cruisetour - Day 12

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September 5th 2018
Published: January 6th 2020
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We had already sent our suitcases for transfer. It would be ready to be picked up when we land. We woke up around 6 am in the morning. The ship was pulling into the port as we woke up. Nice thing is that they allocate departure time from the ship based on your flight timings. Since Pranav’s flight was earlier (around 1:45 PM), he had a departure time of 8:45 am compared to ours at 9:20 am. We decided to hook up with Pranav once we reached the airport. We freshened and had our last big meal, breakfast on the ship. Interesting fact is that the Ship was planning to leave around 4 PM that evening back to Whittier. The workers there get minimum break, I guess. We did notice that some of the ship’s crew members were in the airport getting onto various flights. It could be that their 9 months tour is over? Now about Canada - the officials at the immigration were very friendly. Also, they never checked our passports till we got to the airport immigration. This is totally surprising since, anyone illegal in the ship could have mingled with the crowd near the shipping dock easily. They might have assumed all the ship’s passengers are bonafide?

Our flight out of Vancouver was only at 5 PM. We had about 6 hours to spend there. Airport was nice, but not many open seats to sit and relax. Pranav checked in and was ready for security lines by 11:30 or so. After saying bye to him, we got some Starbucks and walked around. There was food court. One stall served Thai, Chinese food. I had a noodle soup bowl. That was a big bowl. Around 3:30 Pm, we completed the immigration and security clearance. There were long lines in front of the counter at the gate. We came to know that a flight to Dallas by American Airlines was cancelled and a whole lot of folks were finding alternate routes through our PHX flight. Flight was so full. I should mention about this AA steward in the plane. I have not seen many men to be this patient and cheerful. This guy spent about 10 minutes with a passenger (a row behind us) to show how to download AA application for her to view internet content on the flight. Our friend Sumi was waiting for us at the airport. She had cooked yummy food for dinner as well. By the time, we reached home it was 9:15 PM. We had that dinner and went to bed.


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