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March 27th 2010
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I got 10 days...that's my plan anyway. But as long as I get some kaya toast I'll be good.

It's 00:00 and I am enjoying the lounge in the international side of YVR despite the 11:15pm closure (I knew they wouldn't kick us out😉. So before I know it we'll be ready to board (yay).

This is an ok lounge. I actually prefer the US Maple Leaf better. They have moved things around but I was still able to find the fridge no prob. Am disappointed they only have 'Molson' on tap now! Use to be lovely microbrew selection. For that I think I'll have to down grade my previous rating from 9 to 8! I am hoping it is only Olympic fallout and they will be back on the micro track in no time!
Oh...I shouldn't be so tough. After all they are staying open for all us...ok...8.5.

Anywho...still 'waiting' on an upgrade. Would be nice to be nestled in a pod for this long flight but we shall see. Flight departs...soon!

I confess this entry is really just an excuse to add my last photo from HNL.
Sigh sigh sigh...can you believe that rainbow and check out the building!
Lovely lovely lovely.

OH that reminds me. MUE...may I have Friday April 30th off 😉
SP...W doesn't have the weird spammy email problem you were talking about and he's a subscriber.
Maybe ask him what he is doing.

Will try to enter more as I go from lounge to lounge and city to city inshallah.
Selamat tinggal!


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