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I am leaving Canada on a very early train tomorrow. I have decided to get up even earlier and walk to the train station which is about 2 KM away. When I get to Portland, I am staying in a nice hotel as opposed to the Airbnb life I have lived so far on this trip. The idea was to spend a few days relaxing on this trip. I was originally going to do that in Vancouver, but then I would have missed out of the Zenhut! Anyway, I was walking toward a district known as Gastown, when I came upon the hotel I am almost stayed at. It is this awesome complex that features cruise ships docked, sea planes taking off and, most interestingly, a convention center. Suddenly, I realized I was surrounded by folks ... read more
Comic Con Canada

Okay. This was another super busy day, but I think I can get it all in two posts. Also, I got super cranky at about 1 PM and had to put myself down for a nap. I am glad I did because I had an awesome late afternoon and evening. I was up at 5 AM and running by 6. Honoring my commitment to log in a run in each city I did about 4 KM (Hey, it's Canada and it's Metric!) along the seawall and into Stanley Park. Vancouver had a half-marathon today, which was sold out so I could not join. ;-) Anyway, they had the KM signs up so I was able to track my run even without cell service and my runkeeper ap. The run was beautiful. I stopped halfway and tried ... read more
Statue in Vancouver's Stanley Park Surf
Totem Poles in Stanley Park
Jelly Fish in Vancouver Aquarium

Man. They did not want to let me into Canada. In their defense, I think it was my fault. Scruffy and traveling alone with a single small bag was bad enough, but I did not help myself. My first mistake was taking our friendly/allies relationship with Canada for granted. The second problem was that my border agent was a very attractive woman who looked really good in her uniform. The first girl I talk to across the border and she is grilling me on my plans in her country. Next thing I know there is another woman, just as attractive, I swear she came out of nowhere! They are battering me with question after question. (It did not help that I am staying in an Airbnb known as the Zenhut with a host named Fly!) Mercifully, ... read more
Zenhut - View from the Roof
English Bay
Zenhut - Hidden Garden

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » West Vancouver October 27th 2014

Most of us here in the USA saw how wonderful the city of Vancouver was during the Winter Olympics of 2010. That telecast certainly enhanced the image that the world has of this great city. Actually, Vancouver is all of that and more. Let's see why that is the case. With slightly over 600,000 residents, it is only the eighth largest Canadian municipality. It is hard to imagine that any Canadian city is as ethnically diverse, with 52% having a first language other than English. And the greater Vancouver area has over 2.4 million people, making it the third most populous metropolitan area in Canada. They have rent control here as well. I will spare you the history of Vancouver, or Gastown, as it was originally known. Vancouver became incorporated as a city in 1886. And ... read more
Plenty to see and eat on Granville Island
Vancouver Art Museum

August 26, 2013 Poor old Matthew was up in the night with some kind of sickness bug so we take it easy in the morning and let him get it out of his system. By about 11 he’s managed to eat (and keep down!) a couple of waffles and has bounced back. The weather has made a turn for the worst unfortunately so we hadn’t planned on too much today anyway. The local mall is just 2 minutes in the car and we end up eating there for lunch, the advantage being we all get to choose something different. I end up with Chinese (delicious noodles and sesame chicken), Matthew and Sam enjoy a piece of pizza (Matthew’s appetite now as good as ever) and Steve has the inevitable sushi. Hunger satisfied we head off to ... read more
Capilano Salmon Hatchery
Lighthouse Park

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » West Vancouver September 15th 2012

Kisse lassan megy ez a csak elkeszultem ezzel is. Iden sikerult eljutnom valahova, ahova egy ideje mar szerettem volna: julius kozepen egy kedves angol baratommal, Markkal elrepultunk Eszaknyugat-Amerikaba :) Eredetileg Vancouver volt a celpont Kanadaban, azonban a London-Vancouver kozvetlen jarat kisse draga volt, igy vegul Seattle-be repultunk, ami nincsen tul messze Vancouvertol, es azert ott is van sok latnivalo, sot! Ezuttal a British Airways Boeing 747-400-as gepevel repultunk, ismet atelve ahogy tobb mint 400 tonna a levegobe emelkedik. A nagyjabol 10 oras ut eleg jol telt, reszben mivel nem eloreprogramozott volt a fedelzeti szorakoztatorendszer, hanem menubol lehetett valasztani, tetszes szerint leallitani es ujrainditani a programokat. Igaz, volt egy kis ido, amikor allt a rendszer, de azert igy is sikerult par programot megnezni, par zenet meghallgatni. A kaja... read more
Vancouver - English Bay
Vancouver - Stanley Park
Vancouver - Stanley Park, mersekeltovi esoerdo

Should your wanting to get the brand new season of Breaking Undesirable on DVD you then are in the proper position. It'll be unveiled on June 5, 2012 and its gonna be considered a strike for all you Breaking Awful fans available. It absolutely was an action packed season with lots of moments to relive. So be the initial within your pals to personal Breaking Bad Season 4 On DVD if you pre order it and promise your copy! They're expressing that it'll almost certainly offer out speedy viewing that it absolutely was among the best seasons still as well as a great deal of people will be making an attempt to get their hands on it. I stumbled on a web-site which fits about the present and points out a great deal of tiny products. ... read more

Flight with AirTransat was much better than I was expecting, they just didn't stop feeding us so that was me happy! We are sat at the ferry terminal awaiting our boat to Vancouver Island in glorious sunshine and that's the forecast for the next 4 days. Hurray, no rain. Hertz offered us a cheap upgrade on the car so instead of a mid size 4x4 we have a truck. Ian is easily pleased!... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » West Vancouver November 9th 2011

Chinees hot pot.. ofte wel fondue op zen chinees! Ingredienten: een shitload aan vlees, vis, groenten, sauzen en weet ik wat nog allemaal Tools: een hot pot in het midden, 2 stokjes, 20 potjes en kommetjes Werkmethode: zoveel mogelijk in de hotpot en grabbelen maar Resultaat: lekker maar pittig eten! Dit was eerlijk een heeeel rare ervaring. Eerste keer in een chinees restaurant voor iemand zijn verjaardag... Heb me al lang niet meer zo verloren gevoeld in het begin.. Ik wist niet goed wat nemen, combineren laat staat op te eten. Ook de stokjes was natuurlijk een probleem in het begin dus hebben ze mij maar een vork gegeven (die ik zo weinig mogelijk gebruikt heb, en toch zoveel mogelijk de stokjes!). Maar vriendelijk als ze zijn hebben ze allemaal goed geholpen, geduldig en hier en ... read more
Chinees hot pot
Chinees hot pot

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » West Vancouver November 8th 2011

Hey all! 1e regenachtige dag.. :( al hele tijd aan miezeren en regen. Maar toch moesten we buiten komen voor een bankrekening en SIN (social insurance number). En zogezegd.. zo gedaan (dan toch in Canada!!). Nog nooit zo gemakkelijk, vriendelijk en vlot aan dergelijke papieren geraakt :). Iedereen lacht, gaat een babbeltje aan en wenst je een 'welcome to canada'! Blijkbaar zijn er toch veel mensen die naar Whistler gaan want 'it's the time of the season again' en ik zal zeker niet de enigste zijn.. Als de sfeer daar net hetzelfde is.. i'm up for it! Tevens ook mijn eerste inkopen gaan doen.. room hoe noemt men dat nu ook al weer? Whipped cream, low fat cream, light cream, 2% milk cream, Cereales cream, .... euuhhh gokkie wagen dan maar :p Dus toch zeker wel ... read more

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