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Published: August 10th 2017
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Delta Victoria Ocean Point ResortDelta Victoria Ocean Point ResortDelta Victoria Ocean Point Resort

Our home for the next 3 nights, taken from across the harbour.
Yes, this is the second entry for today. Please don't get used to this, I can't guarantee that I'll get one entry done each day, much less two. Today is a bit special because I've been awake for over 24 hours and I really want to go to sleep but it's 4:30 in the afternoon and therefore way too early. And a nana nap is out of the question if I want to be spritely tomorrow. That, and I'm not a nana.

I'm posting the photos that Rob took on our walk around the harbour. What I didn't mention earlier, is how hazey the sky is, due to the many fires around the area that are still burning, many remain out of control. The wind is blowing the smoke over Vancouver and out to Vancouver Island. The flight from Vancouver to Victoria on Vancouver Island was so hazy that it was almost impossible to see the water and the other islands and we weren't that high up.

We've just had a fly past by the Canadian Air Force - 7 aircraft in a V formation. Thanks Canada, we're happy we're here too!

Anyway, back to the photos. The
Float planeFloat planeFloat plane

In addition to boats on the harbour, there's a steady stream of these little beauties taking off and landing on the water - you don't see that everyday (unless you live here, of course).
captions will explain them.

Additional photos below
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Another float planeAnother float plane
Another float plane

This one is landing
Fisherman's wharfFisherman's wharf
Fisherman's wharf

Floating houses (as well as boats and planes) although I'm pretty sure these don't move.
Another floating houseAnother floating house
Another floating house

This one is particularly cute.
Grey sealGrey seal
Grey seal

Actually a harbour seal but I couldn't resist an Elton John reference. This little guy was just swimming around the deck near the restaurant outdoor eating areas, hoping for a feed, I presume.

11th August 2017

WooHoo Happy Holidays.
This Blog is working a treat!! Great updates and photo's. Oh and I don't care that you're on holidays, I'll like at least one new entry every day - hahaha xxxx
11th August 2017

Captions under photo's
These are always best when one can read ALL the words. Photo 2. what comes after "i'm pretty sure". I'm not sure at all. Photo 4. "This little" what? buggar or what? Don't wish to be too picky but when you can you should Pity you are not enjoying yourselves Love to you both Dad 11/08/17
14th August 2017

Captions under photos
Hi Dad, Not sure shy you can't read all of the captions so I'll try and keep them shorter in future. In case you haven't been able to work out the extra words, they go like this..."I'm pretty sure these don't move" and the other one is "this little guy was just swimming around the deck near the restaurant outdoor eating areas, hoping for a feed, I presume. Although your options may well have been funnier! 😆 😘

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