Fishermans Wharf Paradise

Published: May 23rd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: Rooftop View around Fishermans Wharf 99 secs
Fishermans WharfFishermans WharfFishermans Wharf

Standing on front balcony.
Lets start with a quick update on how one ends up house sitting a beautiful floating home in an amazing bay slightly removed from one of Canada's most talked about downtown locations (Victoria City), on holiday, cruising on a long board to hot yoga classes daily, for the benefit of the past 6 months, which whipped by without a travelblog thought.

On News Years Eve 2007, midnight precisely, a greyhound bus bound for Calgary, Alberta, some 18 hours away, pulled away from Vancouver's Central City Station with two friends headed off to make some hard earned spending money in Northern Alberta's solitary,desolate and ridiculously frozen Oil Sand Territories. It would be the start of 10 weeks working on Titan Drilling rig 501, rigging up, exploring down to 300m depths, taking samples of the earth for Geologists, rigging down and moving onto another grid point until all holes were dug, spring arrived, and the boys got to get out of there, having worked enough hours for the average Canadian in a working year almost, and the pay packet to boot. -40 degree temps, 12 hour days, 3 week stretches, dirty work, all in the name of whatever it is you want
Kayaking the HarbourKayaking the HarbourKayaking the Harbour

Borrowed the neighbours yak for the waters perspective on life down here
to do afterwards, in the case of these two guys, travel and freedom for an extended period. Having finished the Alberta Season mid March, it was back to Vancouver for a week or so before heading off to Merritt, BC, where spending the days chilling out in nature and working in a kitchen at the local Meditation Retreat restored some balance from the harsh winter. Its was here that a fellow student offered her home in Victoria BC, here I am, looking after a Golden Retriever and keeping this paradise afloat.

Victoria. A city that called upon a visit from the first arrivals on the West Coast, coming to me in Dreams and recommendations from Canadians, 16 months later, finally arriving to understand the nature of such lure. Its the most mild city by far in national standards all year around, it has acharacteristically English rooting and is small enough to feel like a small town. On day two I purchased a Long-board from the local skate shop to commute around on, the guy who sold it had been house sitting this same float home one week earlier, his auntie lives a few house down the wharf. Its a
We go everywhere togetherWe go everywhere togetherWe go everywhere together

'08 Sector 9 Canadian Maple Sidewinder with a sweet ocean painting underneath, Victoria is flat great for longboarding around.
great place, anywhere that is a garden city in the Spring, is a great place. CherryBlossoms blowing off trees down at the park where Indy needs to take his regular strolls as there is no backyards down on the docks. Awsome. Baby geese swimming by the back door, a Heron fishing out the window, otters and sea lions splashing outside in the night. Sun, o mighty ball of warmth and life, how great you are to appear here after a true Canadian winter. It was Victoria Day last Monday, 150 year celebrations for the province of British Colombia, and summer came early for a citygladdened with tourists bearing sun burn and smiles after all the inner city energy, this place is alive!

Have spent the days here long-boarding into downtown, heading into a daily Bikram Yoga session, cruising around the city, heading back to hang out at this fab location, cooking up Indian and Thai creations, the first homemade brown rice sushi creation included. Reading up a storm here as well. This weekend think I will borrow a neighbours Kayak and paddle around the harbour, tomorrow there is a Sail Boat parade happening in Victoria guess a whole lot
Looking DownLooking DownLooking Down

If it was warmer you could totally house jump
of boats are heading into town. Last Sunday night went into town to see a DJ from Toronto 'Marcus Visionary' Jungle Drum and Bass left there after 3 hours soaked with sweat it was great to dance like a monkey again.

Additional photos below
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Homemade SushiHomemade Sushi
Homemade Sushi

First time ever! Brown Rice even. Still love being in the kitchen.
Ferry from MainlandFerry from Mainland
Ferry from Mainland

Horseshoe Bay to Nanimo takes about 90 minutes
Gabriola IslandGabriola Island
Gabriola Island

Day trip from Nanimo for traditional Lomi Lomi massage. Gulf Islands are numerous many are off grid, sustainable communities.
Victoria Downtown GardensVictoria Downtown Gardens
Victoria Downtown Gardens

Kelly and Indy, friends on Fishermans Wharf who im House-sitting for.
Parliment BuildingParliment Building
Parliment Building

At night covered in Christmas Lights.
Water LifeWater Life
Water Life

Imagine living like this, yaking to work or town.
Fishermans WharfFishermans Wharf
Fishermans Wharf

Staying at the 6th house from the Right, light colour.
Wattle BeachWattle Beach
Wattle Beach

Only Sand Beach close to Victoria

24th May 2008

Shane my friend.
Dear Shanos, Your diary of adventures springs fourth thoughts of freedom and inspiration. Lovin the pics and blogs :-) Cant wait till we catch up and a have a few reebs and talk a bit of philosophy. Talk soon my friend. The Lukester.

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