Whale watching

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Whale watching

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May 17th 2007Somehow I managed to do all of this for free!!! I love working for Ron - so many benefits and so much fun! 2 hours of whale watching should have cost us $60 each - instead we paid nothing! Woohoo! It was an absolutely wicked day - Kirsty and I had the most amount of fun reliving our youth and being idiots for a couple of hours. Thank you for such a fantastic day babe - you've become such a good friend! I hope our paths meet again!

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Would you believe me if I said we saw Orca's?!Would you believe me if I said we saw Orca's?!
Would you believe me if I said we saw Orca's?!

Haha its just a postcard but it would have been sweet if we did! We had Ron going for a good few minutes on this one!
The Zodiac BoatThe Zodiac Boat
The Zodiac Boat

Absolutely wicked boat this one - if you ever get to go on a boat like this ensure you are sat right at the front!
Mmm red suitMmm red suit
Mmm red suit

Humpback whaleHumpback whale
Humpback whale

See we did see one - I actually took this photo!
Mmmm spitMmmm spit
Mmmm spit

We discovered that sitting at the front with the wind in our faces with our mouths open gave us a ridiculous ammount of laughs! I LOVE THE WIND!
Hump of the humpbackHump of the humpback
Hump of the humpback

Sorry for the lack of photos but after an hour of searching for whales, with no glasses, through a camera lens, with the motion of the ocean it kind of makes you wana puke!
Boat filling stationBoat filling station
Boat filling station

I always wondering how boats refueled! Now I know!

19th May 2007

Orka's ahoy!
We just love looking at all the action going on in the photos, Sweetpea! How do you manage it, to meet so many like-minded people? Big Country, Big Hearted individuals... the environment always influences people... there just seems to be so much Nature for you to enjoy, we're enjoying it with you. Love you, and miss you. From all of us at home XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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