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I couldn't upload all my photos on the last entry, so here are the ones that were missing...... read more
Lake Cowichan sunset
Cowichan Bay
Cowichan Bay

It's been a watery-old week one way and another. After leaving Victoria, I headed slightly north to the Goldstream Provincial Park, for my first night of real camping. None of this electricity and water connected directly to the van. No, this was real outside living. Well, apart from the flush toilets and the hot showers in the washroom. It was a bit of a wet old day when I arrived in Goldstream. Lots of low cloud in the trees. But by late afternoon it had brightened up, and the evening was sunny, if not altogether warm. Friday (my birthday), I headed off up the east coast. I stopped briefly for a bit of a sunbathe in the East Sooke Regional Park, and then carried on up the Pacific Coast to French Beach Provincial Park. Another "proper" ... read more
Railway Bridge
Birthday Morning

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan September 5th 2008

Hey! I realise its been a fair while, but just so ya all know i haven't managed to die or do myself any profoundly awful or blog-worthy damage as of yet; just busy with a whole buncha weddins an a crazy 2yr old hippie chick! Its truly astounding how hard the whole childcare thing is... and that's with a pond, a trampoline, 3 cats a dog an 2 peacocks at my disposal, too... fair play to those of ya that have done it and can sit back an laugh now... scary biscuits man! She almost takes the edge of the green out here! ;) All the weddins have been really good fun, actually: its a kinda odd sensation witnessin people that you do not know from Adam sharing their most important and strong innermost feelings with ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver Island » Duncan August 16th 2008

Hello! sitting in front of the brightest almost full moon i've seen in like ever! Love the sky at night in proper country places, you see some amazing things when you stop to look! Actually, I've kinda figured that out about a lot of stuff on this trip. Sometimes ya gotta really strop and look at the things around you before you see how they really come to life n the disturbable details that get lost in rushes. There's these baby frogs all over the place near the pond here and they're so small and camouflagily (eek!?) coloured that you just wouldn't see them if you didn't have a real good look, or at least stop to check what's goin on in the little places before you. They're well cute - I've so held abut 10 ... read more

Oh yeah! I got the hang of this now! In the most fab bikey hikey guest house over on the island... all very chilled and hippyesque: swimming in the pond at the bottom of the huge garden, a giant wooden cabin as the main house, a bunk house for guests and a big old bus as my home for the next 2 months, i shit you not! lovin it already! I slept in a tipi last night where the door didn't even close but there's bear spray (aye nae bother, like yer gonna kill anythin in hippie heaven?!) an I'm in there for the next few nights. Had THE best night's sleep I've had in over a month, water lapping, breeze blowing and ten layers of bedclothes nearly swetain me to death in the middle o ... read more

I had a "where the heck am I?" moment last night. We had gone out for a night on the town in Duncan, BC. We went for the "famous" wing night at the Oak & Carriage Pub (at 35 cents per wing, and too many flavours to choose from, how could you go wrong?), followed by a movie at the 80's era Duncan movie theatre. When the movie ended (we had seen 21) and the lights came up, I had no idea where I was. I was in a familiar setting...a movie theatre. But it was an unfamiliar theatre with some people I didn't know all that well. A moment of utter confusion. That's when I remembered...we were travelling. We actually have started the next chapter. We've been "tourists" for a couple weeks now. Odd. Especially ... read more
Bike-friendly cities

Today was a rather interesting day. Went for a long walk with Joey and Annie. We walked down by the river that I spent so much of my youth playing at. Everything is now so.....developed. Sad really. I have come to a momentous decision. I will purchase a Thule thingy for the roof rack. That way we will have more room in the car and Joey will not have to run beside us. I think it is good for him in the long run but Annie seems to think it will damage him. ... read more

Apparently Eagle hunting is against the law. Live and learn. Annie is dancing around mumbling something about holographic chakras or something. She now has a toe ring and highlites in her hair. If this continues, she may have to fall out of the car. It’s funny. I seem to be getting hot flashes. I turn on the air conditioning and close my eyes to sleep and the next thing I know I am awake….sweating. Perhaps the air conditioning doesn’t work. Today is a family BBQ. I shall post pictures. This should be fun. My older sister's family has a cute dog. Sam is his name. Sam is fun. Sam has a teddy. See pictures. 'Nuff said. It was one of those parties. ... read more

Had a lovely family day complete with BBQ last night. All the Duncaners were there. Including Sam, the dog. Greg was playing with Sam, swinging Sam's teddy on a cord and having Sam run after teddy and try and catch him. When he did, he grabbed teddy, growled and shook him back and forth like he was trying to kill him. Then Sam had his way with Teddy. Sam seems to be the reincarnation of a Roman conqueror... I jumped on the big trampoline with Joey. It's a science. You have to try to get a double-jump, where you come down just after the other person did. Then you get an extra boost from the rebound of the trampoline that's already in progress, and you jump extra high! And Joey did 25 bum-landings, then jump ... read more

Towards The LightAnderson FamilyIt begins. The family is coming together. A gathering of the clan so to speak. There will be much merriment and grog to be had. Wenches galore and guilt served on platters of pure gold. From Annie: I love just sitting here at the Warmland Cafe in Duncan, sipping my tea and reading my book while Greg is writing here on his computer, and Joey is pottering who-knows-where, possibly the Red Balloon Toy Store across the road. I'm reading Adam's third book, :The path of the Dreamhealer. About healing people's body energy holograms and mundane things like that. I'll try his imaging exercises and see what I can do with it. Had a lovely lunch at the Shipyard restaurant in Genoa Bay--gorgeous area. This will be the St. Tropez of B.C. one day. ... read more

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