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Published: August 16th 2008
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Hello! sitting in front of the brightest almost full moon i've seen in like ever! Love the sky at night in proper country places, you see some amazing things when you stop to look!
Actually, I've kinda figured that out about a lot of stuff on this trip. Sometimes ya gotta really strop and look at the things around you before you see how they really come to life n the disturbable details that get lost in rushes. There's these baby frogs all over the place near the pond here and they're so small and camouflagily (eek!?) coloured that you just wouldn't see them if you didn't have a real good look, or at least stop to check what's goin on in the little places before you. They're well cute - I've so held abut 10 now, likin the bright green or knobbly browny ones the best... Love to have them in my hand and watch them jump back into the pond, well cool... Ooh, its all getting a bit too profound - must be time for me to move on before i just sell up and stay here with my details and stoppage...
First weddin here was well lovely, chilled out an kinda groovy, as you'd imagine. It was all happy faces, laughin kids, cupcakes by the shedload, drunken canadians, toasty campfires an general good times. Been lookin after Ginger, jumpin on trampolines, swimming in ponds at the bottom of the (GIANT!) garden, watering the plants, eatin well yummy hippie food, drinkin (some, not much tho...) crappy Canadian beer (m'on the lucky lager, oh yeah!) and just enjoyin lovely weather, pretty surroundings and smily faces.
Its a good feelin to actually be in one place at one time. Not gonna be do this much so enjoyin actually seein those t-shirts from the bottom of my backpack i forgot i even owned... Good to get time to kinda think about stuff and get real fresh air... Went on a hike up the local mountain/viewpoint. Views were amazing, flatter than the rockies but cool to see so many lakes and forests around. Ooh, so drove around in THE coolest truck! Not only do i sleep in a top bunk of the Iguana Bus and hang in the well smartest part of the bus (backpack even unpacks into the space i got, score!) and grin myself to sleep. (So gotta get me a bus! Its like th best night's sleep ever!); but I also got to drive around in an unroofed old truck wi no doors, barely any seats and the hot air rushin over my face. It was well cool!
Ooh, and as we were sittin havin a few beers last night on top of the bus we so heard these crackling noises, turned round and watched a bear pass by about 30ft away! I was brickin it! Thankfully Kenneth was there so the "do we sty on top of the bus and hope its gone or do we jump down now, risk death an run onto the bus now to tell the others?" panic only lasted for a minute before we leapt and ran./.. Well scary, altho Lizzie's constant freakin out on the bus when we told her came a close feckin second. Crazy Neurotic wee thing! Still, slept like a log, woke up and we were all still intact, as was the door, did see he tracks in the gravel about 5ft from the bus, mind... What is with the near calls with the bears round here?! Certainly is bear year in Canadia I guess... Should make for an interesting few months 😊


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