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W czwartek przed wyruszeniem z Telegraph Cove uraczyliśmy się jeszcze drwalskim śniadaniem. Tym razem udało się je nawet uwiecznić. Ja wybrałam wersję light, wspominając delikatne French toasty mamy a dostałam trzy buły. A gdy dumna z siebie wyjęłam z toby ogórka i pomidorki, żeby jakoś dodać witamin do drwalskiego śniadania, Ō poinformował mnie, że właśnie czytając brytyjsko-kolumbijski Code of hospitality, którego kopia wisiała w naszym domku, dowiedział się, że przynoszenie własnego jedzenia do miejsca, które sprzedaje jedzenie stanowi tu wykroczenie. Zapowiadał się kolejny ładny dzień, choć rano nad zatoką wisiała gęsta mgła - podobno nazywają tu Fogust. Pożegnaliśmy z żalem te śliczne domki i ten spokój, choć podobno w lipcu zmienia się to miejsce w zoo. My mieliśmy jeszcze na koniec prywatne safari, bo zaraz za zakrętem czekały na nas przy samej drodze trzy czarne miśki. ... read more
Lekkie śniadanie
Śniadanie drwala
Taco z kapustą

We were up at 5am to make our ferry; we didn’t want to arrive late and lose our reserved spot. It was a 35minute drive to the ferry crossing in Anacortes, Washington. We arrived and checked in by 7am, now all we had to do was wait in line. It was extremely foggy and our ferry ended up being delayed by 20minutes. I was disappointed because we had taken this ferry so we could see Orcas Island and San Juan Island. About 20minutes into our voyage, the fog cleared and we could see everything! The sun was out and the weather was perfect. We made it to Friday Harbor and watched as more people boarded. Friday Harbor is unlike anything I have ever seen before. There are a lot of boats moored here and it seems ... read more
Looking East from the Anacortes Washington Ferry Dock
Grandma and Megs on the ferry
Ferry ride

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Since being at MARS, I haven't had time to create proper entries as I would have liked to, but c'est la vie. I wanted (and still do) to share my flight to Knight Inlet, second visit to the Pacific Ocean, and document all the rehabilitation I'm doing. With the lack of time, tonight I'm going to post some videos of the best parts of interning here. My videos are all on my new youtube account: BeccaBirding Videos featuring me doing rehab stuff are also on the MARS facebook page. Watch and enjoy! ... read more

So last week I mentioned that I went into the Pacific Ocean. To expand, I took an afternoon trip to Miracle Beach, which is on the Straight of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and mainland BC. It was really cool to go to a marine beach, especially one so full of life. The beaches in this area of the Island are famous for their oysters, which I got to hold, but put back because each oyster is actually layers and layers of oysters living on top of each other. I hope I get to experience another marine area before I leave. ... read more
To My Left
In Front
Back Toward the Land

Tonight I saw the worst thing I've seen since I got here: A fawn hit straight the head with a golf ball that is unconscious and seizing. There's a meeting in the workshop, which has the enclosure where he should go but can't due to the noise, so he is stuck in his kennel and there are only two options: A) Move him into a padded enclosure and, knowing the odds are not in his favour, see if he survives the night, and take him to a vet in the morning if he does, with hopes of rehabilitation and then release to his mother. B) Recognize that the odds are not in his favour and end his intermittent seizures with euthanasia. It's a really hard decision to make. There are those one-in-ten cat-attacked birds who due ... read more
Re-entering the wild
The First Step
And He's Off!

I've been at Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society for almost two weeks. I'd say that, on average, I spend 75% of my day cleaning things for animals and 25% of my day preparing food and medicine for animal. There is also a tiny bit of filling out forms. It is pretty awesome and I wish I had more time here. MARS takes in all kinds of birds and small mammals for rehabilitation. They kind-of specialize in rehabbing eagles, of which we currently have three. There are two Red-tailed Hawks and one Barred Owl that are permanent residents and act as ambassadors to the public. I am working with them and have a presentation with the owl on Thursday. What animals we have changes every day, with rescues, releases, and, yes, deaths. The pictures are just of some ... read more
Merl the Merlin
Seal Pup

Watch this video from the morning of the 13. ALSO: Today I went into Georgia Straight and officially touched the Pacific Ocean!... read more
Almeryi Anklets
Completed Jesses
Carl the Baby Turkey Vulture

I have started a travel blog! Nadine suggested it might be a good way for Barry and I to keep in touch with our friends and relatives when we travel to Australia in March. I should be able to update the blog regularly as we tour through the countryside in our motorhome. We've now got a slick little netbook that's small enough to fit in my handbag and, as long as we get wireless access occassionally in the campsites we visit, we can send regular updates home. Those of you who are interested in our journey can follow us (we hope you all will) and those of you who aren't interested don't need to! Easy. It's January now and the Aussie trip isn't too far off but, in the meantime, Nadine and I going to take ... read more

We vertrokken uit de Rocky's alweer in behoorlijk kil weer, amper 14°. We hoopten tijdens onze rit richting Vancouver op beter weer en het wachten werd beloond. Niet lang na ons vertrek, kwamen we de zon tegen en werd het warmer en warmer tot 28°. Een volgend landschap konden we tijdens de prachtige rit bewonderen, we trokken door een ander gebergte. In plaats van een groen berglandschap, kregen we nu een meer droog steppe landschap. Dit gebied wordt ook dit jaar al reeds lange tijd door meervoudige bosbranden, omwille van de droogte. Het uitzicht werd er daarom niet minder mooi op. We trokken door een grote Canyon, langsheen een grote rivier, door bergen en langsheen prachtige afdalingen. Vrij laat op de dag, na zo'n 600km gereden te hebben kwamen we eindelijk in de buurt van Vancouver. ... read more
feest op de boot
feest op het feest

Well, it's been an eventful week since the end of the Toby tour. Many more adventures than I expected - but then, what do you ever expect when you're on the road? We took 4 days hitching from Canmore before we got to the island. Two of them spent in the pouring rain (about 7 hours waiting for a ride) and the other two spent in the roasting sun. After a short (but wonderful) stint in Victoria involving swims in the sea, hanging out on a pirate ship, dumpster diving, going on a 60km bike ride to a lake and getting punched in the face we figured it was time to get out of the city and head to somewhere more peaceful. Steve took me out to Salt Spring Island, which has got to be one ... read more
Can me n my cart get a ride?
On the road again
"Where you go!?"

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