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Ce soir je suis exactement a Port Hardy. Pour ceux qui suivent sur une carte, au bout de la route, au nord de l' ile de Vancouver. (n' hésitez pas a zoomer dans la carte vous y verrez les nombreuses baies, je pense qu' elles ne sont comptables) Ce matin apres un copieux breakfast, j' ai renoncé a regarder le match, en direct, sur une chaîne américaine, car je voulais arriver tôt a Port Hardi. Je vous explique le pourquoi, plus bas. Pour la route je savais a quoi m' attendre, de la montagne et des forêts, le temps est couvert, je ne me suis pas excité sur les photos. Comme je l' avais prévu, la route bien tranquille, et agréable, tres peu circulation. Depuis mon départ de St Félicien on dirait que le Canada entier ... read more
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Drat!! I really considered hard whether or not to head to Telegraph Creek. I thought it would be interesting and I would get to see an old gold rush town. It didn't turn out that way... I got up early and departed the campground without ever seeing the people who run the place. I wanted to get a good early start, since I still thought I would be able to get to Whitehorse that day as well. As I was leaving, I noticed the lake by the campground. It looked quite smooth, so I wandered down for a look. And it was in a mirror lake state. I was happy and took some photos of the mirror before heading off. I got on the road headed for Telegraph Creek. It started quite nicely and it seemed ... read more
Ghost Town House
Telegraph Creek House
Scenic View

***CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE*** ***IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ MY PREVIOUS DIARY ENTRIES, THEN CLICK THE 'PREVIOUS JOURNALS' AT THE FOOT OF THIS ENTRY*** ***PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FORWARD ME ANY EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE MY DIARY ENTRIES AUTOMATICALLY*** ***PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE TWO PAGES OF PHOTOS - TO VIEW PAGE 2 SIMPLY CLICK ON '2' AT THE FOOT OF THIS*** Apologies to everyone that has been patiently awaiting my next blog, but I simply haven't had any internet access for weeks. I am currently in Whitehorse and will be publishing a number of journals (not necessarily in the right order, but there you go). if you RECEIVE a number of emails, they will be different so don't delete any of them thinking they are duplicates. The internet access in ... read more

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