Day 2: Surrey, British Columbia - The bow making fiasco!

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August 4th 2016
Published: December 12th 2016
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Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Day 2: Surrey, British Columbia - The bow making fiasco!

As part of the extended family of the groom, my family was given various tasks associated with the wedding. My younger brother, Brennan, was a groomsman, my sister, Renata, a reader and I, the pew bow designer.

Months before the wedding it was decided that my Aunt would get all the supplies and all I would have to do is make the pew bows. My Aunt could not find the coral ribbon required for the bows so she bought orange ribbon instead, thinking it would suffice. I assumed that Petrina, the bride knew about the dilemma and approved the orange ribbon my Aunt selected. As the wedding day approached my sister sent her a picture of an example bow that I made. That's when I realized that Petrina was unaware we were using orange ribbon for the bows. Petrina really wanted the coral ribbon to match the wedding colour scheme. So at the last minute, my sister and I scrambled to search for coral ribbon. However, just like our Aunt we could not find coral ribbon anywhere!

Since I work in a floral department, I discovered that there was coral ribbon available through the store suppliers. However, the store I work at does not generally sell ribbon so I had to make sure I was authorized to order and purchase the ribbon at retail value. Luckily, I was able to purchase the ribbon a few days before we left for Vancouver.

So today, I dedicated my time to make the 10 pew bows for the wedding. I thought that it would take only a couple of hours. Oh boy, was I wrong! It took me almost the whole day! By the time I was finished my hands were sore. However, it was well worth it for my cousin’s big day!

Tomorrow, will be less work and more fun. Renata and I are going to downtown, Vancouver, to meet an old high school friend.


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