Day 97 Halfmoon Bay

Published: July 24th 2018
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The cloud free, bright sunshine day began with a walk around the neighbourhood which took us through a track covered over by forest of large Douglas Firs and Alders which made it pleasant walking and past the local Pickleball court where a number of locals were playing and socialising. We joined them after the track walk and watched a few games of doubles before moving on. Many birds, particularly the robin red-breast, various canaries and red tailed hawks were about as well as the occasional garter snake of no more than 40cm long.

Not long after we hit the “Big Tree Trail”. Yes, the trees were big. Again, the forest covered us and the trail with the sun breaking through only occasionally which suited us fine as hiking in coolness in a forest always gives you more energy to ‘keep going’. BC and this area of the Sunshine Coast has numerous hiking and mountain bike trails. It suits the adventurer and even the recreational walker down-to-the-ground.

From there we made our way into the small town of Sechelt (Shishalh in the local Indian language). The logs that had been washed up onto the shore stretch as far as the
eye could see. Other free floating logs were ready to join them. Nothing is done to remove them! The pace of life is slow and definitely friendly. We checked out various totems and the local hospital of St Mary’s as the Shishalh people had donated the land in exchange for a hospital for all people of the area.

Our stomachs led us to the Lighthouse Pub for a late lunch. Not only was the food delicious, the view was sensational. The mountains in the background down to the water to the jetties with the seaplanes and boats made for a very pleasant sitting. The seaplanes made good business too. Bald head eagles glided across our vision on numerous occasions.

Back at the house everyone was ready for a total ‘veg out’. A nap or book reading either in the house or out was the common mode of ‘vegging out’. For dinner we all enjoyed Al’s cooking of Halibut and all the condiments that went with it.

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