have you hugged a slug today? or a wierdo?

Published: May 16th 2008
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hug a slug today!hug a slug today!hug a slug today!

this lovely black creature was on our gazebo Wednesday am.
Hello all!

We have settled in on Salt Spring Island, BC, where the Arbutus tree grows and the slugs are juicy! We left off in Penticton where we had desert conditions...to our present location...the seaside rain of the pacific. In between, we stopped in Chilliwack to see Tim and Jillian. Thanks, Tim for the awesome tour of your city-town and for dinner! Great to see you!

Salt Spring Island is lush, rugged, and full of artists. We are staying for the festivities of the long weekend, whatever they may be. We were able to score a campsite for $20/night until Tuesday. This campsite is linked up with trails into the lush forest, connecting to town. A lovely 20 minute walk takes us to Ganges where you can walk along the boardwalk to see the sea, shop for organic foods at the market, or just watch the world go by in many VW Vans (so many!) as you drink organic coffee.

We've done some touring of the island the last couple of days to see the beaches and walk along the rocks, so full of life from the sea's tides....and walk some trails, see artists studios, eat seafood (Dave ate a raw oyster and loved it!--you'll see footage on the DVD if you've put your name on the list), browse book stores, art galleries (some impressive paintings from the Group of Seven here some worth $500,000, no big deal, eh?).

Today we had our first day of sun on the island and it's getting hot! Mixed with seaside humidity that spells fun! and sunscreen.

On another side of things....Theresa went to the dentist to see about a sore tooth while Dave watched a cat fishing in the sea and then while walking home, a wierdo followed him until Dave turned around and gave him "the look", then he disappeared. You can inquire if you like, about this "look", as I've seen it!.....be afraid, be very afraid.....

Well, thanks for listening! We are trying very hard to make you jealous, oh, and our outhouse has dried flowers and bamboo walls, cool!!! (another poo with a view!)

'Til next time,

the never-ending students of leisure,
Theresa and Dave

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This lovely slugThis lovely slug
This lovely slug

was on our path thru the forest...pretty, isn't he?
View from top of Mount MaxwellView from top of Mount Maxwell
View from top of Mount Maxwell

on Salt Spring Island. Dave hiked up to the top to take in the views.

16th May 2008

Hey guys, There's a guy on the island who makes AMAZING vases out of rock and glass. I think his website is vaseguy.ca. Kory and I bought two to give as wedding gifts but ended up keeping them for ourselves! The Salt Spring Island goat cheese is also fantastic!
16th May 2008

thanks, Sarah! We will look into. We are planning to go cheese and bread shopping today! Hope to see the vaseguy at Saturday's market. Thanks for the comments! T

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