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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond August 29th 2018

I've always been interested in whales and since I've seen my first whale in South Africa I try to hop on a boat everywhere I can. I have been to Stevenson before and went with the same company Seabreeze Adventures a few years ago, when we managed to a watch around 20 orcas playing in the waters. Steven and I went down to one of the hotels in Vancouver to get picked up by a bus the company provided. The drive took around 45 minutes while the driver talked a little bit about the city of Vancouver. We shared the ride with an older Irish couple and a bunch of Dutch people. All were very friendly and we got chatting for a bit.The Irish couple was currently travelling around Western Canada and shared a few of ... read more
getting ready to get on the boat
amazing creatures
I see a fin

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond July 30th 2016

Arrived at Vancouver Airport to be greeted by a tank of huge Jelly Fishes. A large wooden disc and 2 wooden statutes welcomed us at the arrival hall. Much had changed since my last visit to Vancouver 20 years ago. ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond May 17th 2016

Aujourd'hui, je suis allee dans le 'vrai' Storybrooke ! Etant donne que la serie n'est pas en tournage presentement, il y avait peu de touristes. En fait, il y avait principalement des gens du quartier. Nous sommes dimanche, et les gens sont sur le bord de l'ocean pour prendre l'air et relaxer. L'endroit est vraiment magnifique, mais si grand qu'il est difficile de prendre des photos qui refletent la realite. Il y a au centre du parc un jardin chinois.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond July 30th 2015

We had a fabulous stay in Steveston, BC with our favorite Canadian cousins last week. We enjoyed great conversation, food, Shakespeare, sunset drumming circle, strolls, sea breezes, community garden! Thank you Ann and Craig.... read more
King Lear fans

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond July 30th 2015

The fishing village of Steveston is a historic salmon canning centre at the mouth of the South Arm of the Fraser River on the SW tip of Lulu Island in Richmond BC. Once home to 15 canneries, it no longer has a cannery although it’s currently home to Canada's largest fishing fleet of more than 600 vessels. Steveston is still very much an attractive fishing village with a laid back village atmosphere so the tourism industry is quickly gaining ground with thousands of visitors pouring onto its streets on sunny days. In fact, Steveston is such a pretty village that it is a popular location for many movie and TV productions. Most importantly, Steveston is home to two National Historic Sites , the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, once nicknamed the "Monster Cannery," and Britannia Heritage Shipyard ... read more
Locator map
Village map
Pajos on the wharf's boardwalk

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond July 28th 2015

We arrived in Vancouver on Sunday, having missed our connecting flight in LA due to Air Tahiti being an hour late leaving Tahiti. Air Canada were most helpful in getting us on a flight on standby. The guys (and Nikki) went to try and clear our bikes; fingers crossed we'll be reunited with them today! I had a wonder into the Richmond Centre (which is a huge shopping complex) via the park then caught up with everyone for a group dinner at 7.30.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond January 2nd 2015

Geo: 49.1632, -123.137Departed on time - 6:30 pm PST. Colin was our flight attendant - a nice bloke from London, who unfortunately was a Chelsea fan :(A very comfortable experience in Business Class Premium. Yes spoiled, but have to treat my bride right for putting up with me for 25 years and it is a 14 hour flight, which is a bit long for a big man!!Watched "This is Where I Leave You", which reminded me, despite their intricacies and idiosyncrasies, how special and funny families are, as well as how much we miss our fathers :(Bonnie indicated afterward that she had seen it previously and was not impressed. I quite enjoyed it! First time in a pod that converted to a bed. Slept for a couple of hours then woke up around midnight and watched ... read more
Cheers Air NZ
Auckland from the Air

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond September 5th 2012

So here I am in the Hampton Inn, Vancouver Airport the night before the flight home. 6 weeks now seems to have flown by. What a great holiday, what great people I've met and what fantastic hosts Larry and Judy. Can't thank them enough for making it a relaxing and memorable time. It was a beautiful day when I arrived and it's the same today. Ferry crossing was calm, the bus was crammed full and I had to stand all the way to Richmond followed by a hazardous 2 block walk on the pavement (that's the road over here) as there was no pavement.. sorry sidewalk! :~ never mind, aircon on warp drive in the hotel. Nearly ordered in a Boston Pizza until I looked at the River Rock Casino Resort online. It's located next to ... read more
Tseshaut Lodge on the Somass River
River Rock Casino Resort, Richmond, Vancouver.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond August 3rd 2012

So the trip out had it's challenges. It start with a very slow start getting checked into Alaska airlines. Lines backed up as the agent helped all the first class passengers and then other agents. I would say it took about 1/2 to get checked in and we were first in line. I experciened a first, an over weight bag by 4 pounds. Grrrr!!! Of course had no idea what was contributing to the four pounds so just paid the fee. Of course sisterly love kicked in so I won't be living down the fact that my bag was overweight any time soon after teasing her so much in the past about her overweight bags when traveling. Discovered Jack's Urban Fries when I stopped at Jack's in the airport. Ohh my I'm still dreaming about those ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Richmond May 1st 2012

Geo: 49.1632, -123.137And away we go!... read more

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