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January 15th 2007
Published: January 15th 2007
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My Route

Richmond London Singapore Kuala Lumpur Kota Kinalabu

So here is quick look at where I will be going and what I will be doing.

Depart : Vancouver February 17 16:10
Arrive: London Gatwick February 18 9:40

During my 10 days in England I will be visiting my relatives, and hopefully seeing a football (soccer) match (Tottenham vs Bolton!)

Depart: London Heathrow February 27 11:00
Arrive: Singapore Changi February 28 7:40

I will spend an entire 50 minutes going from one plane to the other!

Depart: Singapore Changi February 28 8:30
Arrive:Kuala Lumpur February 28 9:25

Here I will meet up with people on the Raleigh Program and spend the night.

Depart:Kuala Lumpur March 1 9:35 am
Arrive: Kota Kinabalu March 1 12:10pm

If you want to know more about the program take a look at this link


After my 10 week Program is finished at Raleigh I will be traveling on. As of yet I am unsure where I will be headed but I am thinking of Thailand and Australia.

So I will try to update this (with pictures) as often as possible depending on access to computers.


17th February 2007

hey everyone
hey thanks for checkin out my page...feel free to leave me comments about anything going on here, what your up to, canucks, soccer, just a hello anything!! always cool to hear whats going on at home! thanks, Danny
17th February 2007

Hey Danny! You are so incrediably lucky to get to go traveling! That is utterly amazing! I want to hear all about it and see all your pictures! Kaili
19th February 2007

lucky you ! i've always wanted to travel like that...must've taken some plannin and more $$$...are u backpacking? or stayin in hotels? who are you with!
20th February 2007

danny im worried about you
theres alota bad stuff that happens where your going man you need 2 be really really careful because there are so many things that can happen 2 u out there its a scary world man i just dont wana see you get hurt even though you never helped me at safeway im jsut woried wwhen you get back you should get me my old job back though i really need to work somewhere im so poor an i wana travel all over the world just like you. the thought of you leaving is making me cry so im gona ake this short and sweet you best friend chris....
21st February 2007

22nd February 2007

i dont know who wrote that comment b4 but have a good time and enjoy. think of it as a break from jen.
27th February 2007

Hiya Danny! It was great to see you the other day. Hope you enjoyed your brief stay with us. Looks like you got to see a good footie match too. Look forward to reading yor entries. Can't wait to see you again after your travels. All best wishes from us here in Portsmouth.

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