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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke August 25th 2019

Thanks to Graeme we had a fine selection for breakfast today - porridge, yoghurt, begals and soft boiled eggs. The begal has become a staple of our meals when forced to fend for ourselves. It travels well, is dense and filling and tastes good to boot. We aimed to leave by 8am and left by 8:20am. Forecast was for some early morning showers after overnight rain. We certainly heard the rain overnight but as we set off from Sicamous there was no rain about. Today's ride was a short 71kms from Sicamous to Revelstoke along Highway 1 with about 500m of climbing. We travelled easily in the cool morning air and the rain seemed to be holding off. We were all waiting for a significant climb but nothing came. Instead there were a number of small ... read more
Three Valleys Lake
Thre Valleys Lake
Smokey the Bear

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke August 21st 2015

If you are going to stay in or near Revelstoke, I can not recommend the Three Valley Gap Chateau. Not only is the location amazing, the facilities, although some may say outdated but I say are characteristic, the restaurant has fairly good food and is affordable, a great view of the train line, lake and mountains and is very much a great spot to take the family. Right next door to it is a fabulous attraction, 'Ghost Town' which takes you back through the history of the late 1800's and early 1900's. They also have helicopter rides available and you can hire Kayaks or canoes to paddle on the lake. It is only 12km from Revelstoke as well and 14km from the Enchanted Forest and Suspension Bridge that overlooks a pretty awesome waterfall (which Doug showed ... read more
Summer Hill Winery, Kelowna BC Canada
Summer Hill Winery
Summer Hill Winery

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke August 12th 2015

Canyon Hot Springs Oh, how I love hot springs! This privately owned oasis was a treat on a hot, (over 30 C) summer day. First, we had electricity, so we could use the air conditioning – the only time we did on the entire trip. Second, later in the evening, we had a soak in the pools looking up at the surrounding mountains. Third, ice cream. And finally, we watched the Perseids meteor shower. (We did get a few odd looks as we hauled our low-seated chairs out, extended them back, and set them beside the road -- it was the best view of the sky.) It wasn’t a great year as we saw only a about a dozen or so shooting stars, but sitting out on a warm summer evening looking at the universe is ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke July 11th 2015

Well, we left Golden today, going further west. We had a relatively easy day today, driving less than 200 km. We stopped at the Glacier National Park center for a parks pass, and on the way we noticed a sign saying we just gained an hour to the day! We passed a time zone by car. That's a first for me! The Glacier Park center was very nice, with good exhibits about the railway and highway 1, and the wildlife of the area. We also got some advice on how to continue the day, which was very helpful. We took the advice of the parks guide there and stopped at the Hemlock Grove Boardwalk in Glacier NP, a short yet beautiful walk in the only cedar & hemlock rain forest in the world. We strolled among ... read more
Roadside Flowers on Mt. Revelstoke
Selfie on the mountain

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke June 20th 2014

A la vue de la carte, pour le trajet du jour il vaut mieux passer a l' essence. Aujourd'hui je serais un peu moins "baveux" (ironique) avec mes amis québécois le litre est 1.39$. Tenue d' été short et décapoté au départ de l' hôtel 14*. Apres 20 kms premier arrêt pour enfiler le jeans, je me pelle les jambes, encore 20kms 2 eme arrêt au bord du lac Columbia, et la c'est la polaire, la fraicheur des bois plus l' humidité. La route est belle, le lac a ma gauche et au fond ces montagnes, ou la forêt est tellement dense qu' elles en devient noire. Apres le lac c' est la Columbia River, que je longe pendant environ 280 kms. Le décor est splendide. Certains dirons on peut voir la même chose en France, ... read more
Columbia Lake
jolie route
Columbia River

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke October 10th 2013

It is extremely difficult to describe the beauty of the mountains. As we drive down the highway from Jasper to Lake Louise, the massive mountains stand all around us, with clouds softly resting on the peaks, light snow freshly sprinkled on the mountain top and wild animals watching us drive by. I’ve been taking so many pictures; everything here is worth a picture, but none of them completely capture the greatness, wilderness and wonder of this nature. It feels great to be out here, although Calgary and Edmonton were great. We were spoiled little brats in Calgary with grandma Perkins making us delicious dinners and deserts, the best cream puffs in the world and the classic café au lait. But it sure feels good to just take a deep breath up in these mountains and listen. ... read more
Fresh air and freedom
Abbey enjoying the outdoors

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke November 3rd 2012

After leaving Dianne's, we drove up the 23 highway, but as we saw no campgrounds, we just pulled off in an exceptionally large rest stop. There were a bunch of semi-trucks, and a smattering of other motor homes. The air was full of fluff! The trees next door were shedding so many seeds that it looked like it was snowing every time the wind blew. We played rummy by lamp-light and called it an early night. The next morn, as we were preparing to depart, we noticed that some of our fellow intinerants were having a bit of trouble getting their rv to start. Of course we rolled up beside them and pulled out the jumper cables, ready to be of assistance. Two men and a woman, all on their way to their family reunion, and ... read more
Soft Light
Frolicsome Fauna

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke August 18th 2012

THE BASICS We crossed into Canada, through southern Alberta to Calgary. We visited the Calgary Zoo and drove out to the amazing dinosaur fossil site at Drumheller. Then off we went to Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper, which we had declared were the prime goals of this whole trip. A few days of enjoying those parks, and now we are spending a couple of days in Revelstoke BC, "catching our breath." THE FLUFF (This might not have been the most exciting birthday of John's life.) There was quite a backup at the border headed into the U.S., but we were the only vehicle and breezed right through into Alberta. The landscape changed substantially from the mostly barren Blackfoot Indian Reservation below the border. It suddenly started looking prosperous; though flat, it was covered with "amber waves ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke October 18th 2011

After waking to the sound of others already up and getting ready to load up once more, I removed myself from my very uncomfortable sleeping position; rolled my sleeping bag up before getting my wash kit and a change of clothes and heading to the showers to really wake up. After returning, and packing my wash kit and clothes from yesterday away, I moved my kit from the container and put it behind the trailer ready to move on. As the others had their tents and kit to still pack up as well as breakfast, I decided to call work, speaking to Andi and Karl once more. I talked about the Tour since we last spoke. Once more it was great to speak to Andi and Karl, and left me in a great mood to start ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Revelstoke August 6th 2011

Hiked up Glacier Crest Trail in Glacier National Park yesterday. Only two hours from the trailhead under sunny skies. Alone. Slow-paced. Seeing mountains as they are.... read more

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