Grenville Channel and Dixon Entrance

Published: May 26th 2012
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Green Island lightGreen Island lightGreen Island light

Between Catham Sound and Dixon Entrance
Wednesday May 23, 2012 Bishop Bay to Kumealon Island Cove

Our itinerary today takes us through Grenville Channel a forty five mile long mostly straight fjiord that carries all the Inside Passage traffic and we felt like we had it all to ourselves. Steep green walls, hundreds of waterfalls, calm waters, and a carrying current were all ours today. When we had had enough we turned into the very back of a pretty little bay and watched the sun set.

Thursday May 24, 2012 Kumealon Island Cove to Foggy Bay

As we passed the entrances to the Port of Prince Rupert we saw at least five massive bulk carriers waiting to be loaded with some sort of ore, and bound for the orient. One ship, 867 feet long, carried the name Bulk Hong Kong - how romantic. I will have to ask what they carry. Meanwhile it is a long way across Chatham Sound and then a shorter, rougher passage across the Dixon Entrance into Alaska. We had no specific plans to make the crossing today but the weather was pretty good and we thought we had better go. We were told that this is about as good

Porposes off the bow
as it gets out there. It was still very nice to work our way into the inner cove of Foggy Bay and relax after ten hours and seventy nine miles. We called US Customs in Ketchikan and told them that we would be in tomorrow.

We explored Very Inlet, a two mile long very narrow waterway, deep, but also dotted with rocks and we were not sure how well charted this place is. We felt like we were the very first humans to see this Eden, just us in our exploratory Bull Frog dinghy guided by a GPS chartplotter. At least there was no one in there to spoil the effect. We went in slowly enjoying the cedar spires, mysterious bights and finally a set of tidal rapids at that moment peacefully at rest. We returned much more quickly guided by our GPS track, kind of like Hansel and Gretel following a trail of bread crumbs. Afterward I kayaked around the anchorage. There is as much to smell and hear in these peaceful places as there is to see.

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Foggy BayFoggy Bay
Foggy Bay

Intrepid Explorers in Foggy Bay
Foggy BayFoggy Bay
Foggy Bay

One of the many little bights in Foggy Bay and Very Inlet

1st June 2012

I'd like to see this Eden you speak of! The scenery... rocks, greenery, waterfalls, and especially the solitude sound priceless! I'm a week late in figuring out how to read and respond to your blog, but now that I have the technical stuff discovered, I can start appreciating all the wonderful things you've discovered on your journey! Keep the deets comin', Steve! Enjoy it all and know I'm living vicariously through each word

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