Condensing Canada due to no Wifi 😡

Published: June 29th 2017
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June 19 & 20 - Snitch RV Park, Prince George, B.C.

June 21 & 22 - Dawson Creek B.C.

June 23 - 25 - Fort Nelson, B.C.

Since I am so far behind on these blogs with the absence of WIFI I am going to condense these earlier days. As you can see we have been to three towns. Prince George, Dawson Creek, & Fort Nelson. Dawson Creek was really the beginning of the Alaska Highway even though you are in B.C., Canada. There's not much to say about Prince George. It was a fairly big city with a Costco, Walmart and a University. Things are a little different here in Canada. I took some pictures of things that have struck me as funny or odd. One thing strange and annoying was that the Costco here does not take Visa only MasterCard. Well we only have Visa so we couldn't get fuel because they didn't take cash either at the pumps. It was the cheapest fuel and of course we had pulled in WITH THE BUS and couldn't fill. At least they weren't busy since it was 9am. You would think Costco would have a universal system right? Stayed at Sintich RV park. It was an ok park that was mostly full timers. This was the last time we would have satellite TV. 😬

Next we hit Dawson Creek. Not to be confused with Dawson City. That comes later in the trip. We stayed at Mile "0" Campground where all the caravans stay before they head out on their Alaska adventures. We camped next to a really nice couple from Shelby, North Carolina, Tom & Dorothy Young. He is a retired RV dealership owner and they were one of the people on one of the caravans headed to Alaska. We went to dinner with them and conversation just seemed to flow. We actually ended up closing down the restaurant. We departed the campground the next day and they were staying until Monday when their caravan departed.

Our next stop was Fort Nelson where we stayed at the Triple G RV Park. Not much was in Fort Nelson. It is a very small town that is suffering from the low oil and gas prices as well as the decline in the timber industry due to a beetle infestation similar to our bark beetle.
Canadian Quirky #1Canadian Quirky #1Canadian Quirky #1

If you want a shopping cart you have to put a loonie($1) coin in the slot to unlock it from the cart in front of it. Then after you finish shopping, you take it back to the cart rack and reconnect it and your loonie comes out. If you don't take it back, you don't get your $1 back. Crazy!
We have noticed that Canada seems to be suffering all throughout the parts of B.C. that we are traveling through as we see a lot of businesses that are closed. When we ask around, the towns people say that the economy is in a decline and jobs are hard to come by. The small towns don't have much to offer so people are moving to the larger cities to look for work to feed their families. During the summers they get a lot of tourists that come through on the Alaska Highway so they really do cater to them but after that there really isn't much to keep them going. I know that our dollar goes farther here but it still seems like the price of everything is a lot higher. For instance, a head of lettuce, which by the way came from Salinas, CA. and was starting to turn brown around the edges because it probably sat on a truck for God knows how long before it got in their supermarket, was $4.59. I about died! When it gets to be $1.99 at home I don't buy it. I don't know if they eat many vegetables or maybe they
Canadian quirky #2Canadian quirky #2Canadian quirky #2

The Dollar Store where everything is $1.25!
grow their own. No wonder it is hard for them to afford groceries!

I must admit Diana you were right. It has rained all but 1 day since we have gotten into Canada. I have used my rain jacket every day. Everything is very green and pretty but the rain is annoying! Also, the bugs and mosquitos are pretty bad too. Early morning and night time especially. Also we haven't had TV since June 21st. That's been weird. The last time I talked on the phone was Fathers Day when I called my Uncle to wish him a happy Fathers Day. We did have a little WIFI at the place we stayed in Fort Nelson from the 23-25 but the signal was so weak that once you started something it would go off so I got so frustrated I just quit trying. I finally broke down and went to the grocery store and paid $6.99 for a People magazine. Now that's pretty desperate don't you think? 😂 I am truly hoping that things will get technologically better once we get to Alaska but if it doesn't it won't be the end of the world. We are just going to be so confused when get back to civilization what with catching up on what is going on and also getting used to the dark! That's another thing that happens, or should I say doesn't happen here. It NEVER gets dark! 😝😎😝😎😝

So long until I get WIFI again........


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