May 27, 2010 Spokane, WA to Penticton, BC Canada

Published: May 29th 2010
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Grand Coulee DamGrand Coulee DamGrand Coulee Dam

View of the dam from the access road. The far generating station generates 2/3 of the power produced at the dam.
Woke up to another dreary day. We were keeping watch to be sure and see when Magee’s started tearing down their camper. With no prior indication that they were even working on it, all of a sudden, they were pushing the beds in and almost ready to leave. I hustled to get our camper ready and was just about done when I tried to use the switch to lower the camper back down onto the Hitch ball, when it didn’t work. Turns out that the gas bottle cover had crushed the wire and shorted it out against the trailer frame and burned the insulation off the wire. Fortunately, Kerry had some electrical tape, a short piece of wire, and a couple connectors so I was able to rewire it temporarily. We stopped at the first WalMart we came to and bought repair parts

A couple hours driving, through light rain, got us to the Grand Coulee Dam and its visitors center. It was very interesting and stood just below the dam so we got a really good look at the dam. After driving back into town for some post cards, we were off to the north. It was a pretty
Dreary Day on way to CanadaDreary Day on way to CanadaDreary Day on way to Canada

This was along the road from Ormak, WA to Osoyoos, BC. Rained all day, all the way from Spokane, WA to Penticton, BC.
drive, but the fog and rain was so bad, we took almost no photos. Ate lunch at Pizza Hut. Kerry had a flat on his trailer shortly after lunch , which he changed on the side of the road, in the rain.

Crossing the border was really easy with only about a 10 minute wait to get to the custom agent. He asked a few questions. Gena asked if he would stamp our passports - - he said we'd have to park and go inside - - Bob passed on that idea.

While Charlie & I checked into the campground in Penticton, BC, the other tire on their trailer went flat (fortunately, the had two spares). So they parked their trailer and took off for WalMart to buy another tire.

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Flags at the border crossingFlags at the border crossing
Flags at the border crossing

Interesting border crossing - - One building with Canada customs in one end and US customs in the other.
BC Welcome signBC Welcome sign
BC Welcome sign

Just inside the Canadian border.

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