Tofino - Middle Beach Lodge


After a 3 hour drive through Pacific Rim National Park and 24 hours of travelling we finally got here and it is as amazing as it looks on the website. Our room does have the view I have been showing everyone and THAT balcony is ours. Having a problem adding pictures ATM but will hopefully get that sorted today. Thought we had beaten the jetlag by going to bed at 11pm local time after being up for 34 hours (apart from an hour on the plane and 20 mins on the ferry) but no, wide awake at 345am. Last time I looked at the clock 420am so must have fell asleep but then up at 6am. Took the camera onto the balcony but realised only Ian knows how to use it and he was still snoring. I just stood there having a look round, heard a dog barking (pets allowed everywhere here, poor G and B, we should have brought them!), looked down the beach from where I heard the bark and saw two black blobs in the distance running from the shoreline back into the woods. Now either someone has brought two Newfoundlands and had left them on their own on the beach or I saw my first black bears. I have convinced myself it is the latter.

Just remembered something funny from the airport. We are at the luggage carousel and our bags come off first as we were priority customers (can't fly economy again!) so we load up our two trolleys with our 6 bags and cases (8 if you include handbag and man bag) and this woman who Ian had started talking too said " Good God, is there only 2 of you with all that luggage, I don't own enough to fill those bags". Maybe we have gone overboard, it s one of those places that once you get here you think why did I buy anything new?

Stuffed ourselves on homemade croissants; bagels and raspberry muffins for breakfast. Those 10lbs are definitely going to creep back on!

Sorted photo problem so just added a couple to see if they work ok: Ian with his beloved truck! And a couple of views from our balcony.

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8th May 2012

All looks fab !Liverpool destroyed Chelsea 4-1 tonight at anfield ,battered them !! Keep in touch x

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