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August 26th 2010
Published: August 26th 2010
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Might as well make the best of the waitng.
On previous blog Day 46, I talked about our anniversary, but I forgot to say that the day of fishing in Valdez was probably the best day of my Alaska adventure. If I had to choose one place that we visited to return to it would be Valdez.

Monday, we all got up early to prepare for our trip back to the lower 48. I pressure washed the front of the RV to remove some of the bugs, and we started the first leg to the Canadian border. It is only 90 miles, but took 2 hrs. due to bad roads and stops for construction. At one wait for a pilot car to lead us through I took a short nap.
This time we all crossed the border without delay back into Yukon Territory. We made it back to our favorite fuel and overnight spot in Whitehorse at the Fas Gas. Had a quick supper of cheeseburger macaroni, scaly bread, and salad. We also crossed a time zone change today, lost and hour, but, heh what does it matter when you are retired.
Tuesday we headed to junction of Hwy 37 just outside of Watson Lake

Just a few more minutes.
seeing as that is the first place you can change your route when driving from Alaska. We are headed in a more southerly direction to cross back into the U.S. at Osoyoos. We had to wait 1 hr. and 15 min. for a pilot car to lead us about 25 miles due to smoke conditions caused by the largest forest fire in the history of British Columbia. It was caused by lightning strikes. There is no overnight parking in the pull-offs along the highways in B.C. so we spent the night in a Provincial Park with no hook ups. Kind of feels like you are being robbed to pay for a place to park overnight with absolutely nothing provided. No water, elec., or sewage dump. We were able to park on the lake, Boya Lake which was a scenic spot to spend the night. Grilled smoked sausage, leftover potato salad, and salad for supper.
A few miles down the road the next morning we stopped at Jade City to check out the the jade mining business in B.C., which is apparently where most of the jade of the world comes. Bought a unique candle made from a piece of

Missed this going to Alaska due to road construction and congestion.
jade. Saw some bears, wild chickens, some type of very daring small reddish birds, that have not been identified at this time.
At Kitwanga, we had the only gas station in town reopen as we drove up, and we spent the night in a gravel turn around, seeing as we were too large to fit in the cities free campground. Today we head for Quesnel, but the photographer took some time off, then windshield got covered in bugs. We have moved back into farm country, where we saw mostly livestock, fields, and logging business. Tonight at Wal-Mart, had my chicken and dumplings for supper.

Additional photos below
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One foot in U.S., one foot in Canada. Of course had to help her up and down.

International border marker, and date of treaty between U.S. and Canada.

Kluane Lake. Somewhere between border and Whitehorse, Ak.

Sun through smoke from forest fire.

Campsite at Boya Lake Provincial Park.

First sight of Jade City.

Have no idea why this horse was walking in the middle of the road.

But it was not in any hurry. We traveled about 300 yds. at less than 5 mph before it decided to head down a dirt drive, I guess toward its home.

Same bear.

You guessed it. Bears do not get in any hurry either.

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