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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson June 27th 2017

Balfour to Alberta The longest free ferry in the world is from Balfour B.C. to Kootenay Bay B.C. Paul, Mariette, Doris and I rolled our bikes on to that ferry for the 8:10 AM crossing. Raja and Michele would take the next one once they broke camp at Birch Grove. It was a marvelous day for a boat ride: blue sky and blustery and something grand to look at in every direction. The ride takes 35 minutes and I must have taken as many photos. The road south along the east side of Kootenay lake has a number of quirky little towns (Gray Creek - metric free!) all of them featuring Artisans and Artists of all types. Crawford Bay has a broom maker and an iron forge. Michele bought a whisk for $20 and Raja commented ... read more
Kootenay Lake from the ferry
Kootenay Lake
Yard art

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson November 25th 2012

By next week at this time we will have already arrived and be settling in. In the meantime, we are busy getting everything ready, crossing all the things off the list we can. Ian has been busy putting things away and reorganizing our marina. Most people would think as we are coming from Canada, we would be leaving a snowy climate, but any snow we have had this year has not stuck, so we are actually leaving green lawns and sunshine. We're starting out with a few pictures of what we are leaving, who knows, we may get home sick enough in two months that we'll want a reminder!... read more
Balfour Ferry Terminal
Our Marina
West Arm Kootenay Lake

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson October 23rd 2012

Our continuing adventures in the land oop north! On one of the early days during our stay, maybe the second or third, we drove with Dianne, Nick and Noah to a collection of artisan shops in Crawford Bay. We rode the ferry across Kootenay Lake, then drove through beautifully winding forest roads to the shops. The first one we went to, the reason we had come in the first place, was North Woven Broom Co. Dianne needed the bristles on her broom replaced, so while she negotiated, Jess, Noah, Nick and I wandered around and looked at things. There were stacks of broomcorn bushels, half-finished broom shafts, and strange elderly machines here and there, with the finished products hanging overhead, leaning against walls, or arranged in displays. There were big brooms, and little brooms, and littler ... read more
Dearly Departed
No Farther

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson October 17th 2012

Since I'm a (long, long, long) ways behind in the blogging, please enjoy this post, written as a kaleidoscope of impressions instead of a day-by-day recap. We spent about two weeks with our cousins in Nelson. We had originally intended to move on earlier, and be back in the States for July 4th, but between a combination of truly rainy weather and a desire to stay and celebrate Dianne's birthday with her, we ended up staying much longer. Two weeks, to be precise, including Canada Day, July 1st, and America's Independence Day, July 4th, which happened to be Dianne's birthday, as well as her daughter-in-law Mary's. (We were also present for the birthdays of other daughter-in-law Shannon, and grandson Noah.) Through some beneficent alignment of the stars, we ended up being there at the same time ... read more
Late Lunch

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson September 13th 2012

Technically, they're not ourcousins, they're our fathers. Dianne, April Lea, Kathleen, and Roy are the children of our grandmother's sister. We did a lot of talking about complicated family trees while we were up there, but I'll try not to bore y'all with any but the simplest explanations of who the folks in this post are and how they are or aren't related to us. In any case, we came up to British Columbia to see these extended family members, but at first we had a hard time just finding them! Crossing the border patrol station was fairly simple. The border crossing guard asked us questions, like how long we planned to stay, were we bringing any gifts, whether we had any firearms with us... stuff like that. The guard would occasionally repeat an earlier question, ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson September 9th 2012

Saturday, September 8, 2012 We plan to spend several nights here in Nelson so we can leave the trailer and do some exploring in the truck. Nelson sits in a narrow valley between the Selkirk Mountains and on the banks of Kootenay Lake. Originally the city developed because of nearby Silver mining and timber industry. Today it is known as “the college town which has lost its University!!” This morning we explored the town, walking along the Waterfront Pathway, discovering several of the city parks and taking a ride on the Tramway which also runs along the waterfront. We were fortunate to have the President of the Tramway Society board our tram and then give us an interesting history of its development. The city of Nelson purchased car No. 23 in 1924 from Cleveland, Ohio. Three ... read more
Centennial Waterfront Walkway
Look toward North Nelson
Miniature Galleon

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson September 9th 2012

Today was set aside for sightseeing. We left Nelson and headed east and north toward Kaslo along the west side of Kootenay Lake. First stop was what we called the "tugboat house." It is for sale, but would take a special person to buy it. Next stop was the Blaylock Mansion Resort and Spa. This huge mansion overloks the west arm of Kootenay Lake. Apparently it is fully utilized right now as all the signs said "No Vacancy" and "Registered guests only." Then we passed the ferry terminal and turned North to see what was up the road. The major town is Kaslo, a very charming and somewhat "artsy" community that began as a timber town in the late 1800's. We had a wonderful lunch in the new hotel, which is built to look a hundred ... read more
Blaylock Mansion
Blaylock Mansion Gate House
Kootenay Lake Provincial Park

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson September 9th 2012

Friday, Sept. 7, 2011 We spent the night in a small RV park in the city of Creston. Creston is nestled in a picturesque Valley know for its mild climate and bountiful orchards. It is also known as “The City of Swans” as it is the home of the Creston Valley Wildlife Society with 17,000 acres of lush wetland habitat, 285 species of birds and 57 mammal species. As we left the valley on another perfect morning we drove all the way along the east side of Kootenay Lake on Hwy 3A. The early morning was clear and the water in Duck Lake still enough to give us beautiful reflections of the mountains – too bad there was not snow on the tops of the mountains. At Kootenay Bay we took the free ferry across the ... read more
Creston Valley
Small Harbour
Kootenay Lake

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson June 7th 2012

On a réussi à prendre contact avec Yogita. On est rentré à Nelson pour faire un lavage et on l’a rencontrée dans un café. Finalement, elle était partie à Vancouver quand on l’avait appelé. Et, de surcroît, elle n’habite pas là où l’on est allé lundi. Ce fut un plaisir de la rencontrer ne fut-ce qu’une demi-heure. Ensuite on partit pour le parc provincial de White Swan. Le chemin pour s’y rendre était étroit et seulement une seule voiture pouvait passer à la fois. D’un côté, les éboulements nous menaçaient et de l’autre, un grand précipice qui nous empêchait de nous tasser à droite. Le tout était assez pour faire paniquer Louise. Ce qui nous a bien fait rire! Enfin, on arriva aux sources thermales naturelles! Une source nourrissait un bain entre les rochers qui se ... read more
Kokanee creek
Rencontre avec Yogita

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Nelson June 4th 2012

This day started with a bike ride into downtown Nelson to the Soleil Levant bakery to drop in on a friend of Victor’s but the bakery was closed Mondays. We rode around this quaint little town to find a nice bakery with delicious organic chocolate croissants, then, with happy tummies we scooted back to the RV. We embarked upon an uphill drive on the road to the top of the town in search of a retreat center and a woman Louise had heard much about. Since our RV could climb no more, we jumped on our bikes once again and rode upwards and then further upwards and finally even further upwards. When we were ready to give up and turn back, low and behold the site appeared before us. But alas, no one was home. So ... read more
svaboda 2
more bike climb

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