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March 12th 2011
Published: March 12th 2011
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Photo 2Photo 2Photo 2

Fanta Sea Reef Barge.
We finally made it out to the Great Barrier Reef, and it was a fantastic day. We had to get up before the sun came up as we had to drive out to Shute Harbour again, which is just out of Arlie Beach, but we boarded a large boat which is operated by a company called Fanta Sea. We again went into Hamilton Island but then continued on out to the Reef. It was a beautiful day, lot nicer then when we tried the first time.

Sheila & Louie went snorkeling, I took a helicopter ride above the reef which was fantastic, and got a couple of pictures of the famous Heart Reef. flew a ways along part of the reef and then back to where we got on the helicopter. The helicopter lands on a large platform away from the Main snorkeling area. We had to be taken over and returned from the landing area by small boat.

We could go down into a underwater viewing area and see many types of fish, and some turtles. We saw a large Grouper fish, this fish is very large. Many a meal of Fish & Chips could be made from
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One Large fish.
this guy. They served up a very nice meal, Steak, Chicken, fish, 7 salads. You could even purchase cold beer if you wanted it.

We left the Reef around 14:40hrs., and were back into Shute Harbour around 17:30 hrs. it was a long day but worth it. The ride back was a little rough in some areas, and there were a number of people sea sick. The four of us were fine.

We arrived back in Bowen around 20:00 hrs. went for a late supper, then back to our apartment. We all headed for bed, after watching a bit of news about the earthquake in Japan.

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Photo 4

Large Grouper
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Photo 5

Sheila in her stinger suit.
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Photo 6

Sheila in her stinger suite,
Photo 7Photo 7
Photo 7

Fanta Sea Reef Barge, with underwater viewing area, and snorkeling area.
Photo 8Photo 8
Photo 8

The famous Heart Reef
Photo 9Photo 9
Photo 9

Me after my helicopter ride over the reef
Photo 10Photo 10
Photo 10

Sheila snorkeling.
Photo 11Photo 11
Photo 11

Louie Snorkeling
Photo 12Photo 12
Photo 12

Great Barrier Reef
Photo 13Photo 13
Photo 13

helicopter I took to fly over the Great Barrier Reef

13th March 2011

Mom Please do not send to many pictures of this one! Looks like your having fun. Colleen
14th March 2011

Back in Canada
G'day down under! Well "Women with Wings" have landed in Vancouver, tired but happy. I'm enjoining your blog and check on it regularly. Great work Ken, I know how much work it is. You are all looking great, enjoy! We'll have to get together for an evening of stories. Travel safe. Cheers! Barbara

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