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December 30th 2015
Published: December 31st 2015
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Day 2 was quite a long day but a great one! It was full of fun, friends, and excellent reminders to be thankful to Jehovah for His beautiful creations. 🌈
We started off with everyone staying at the condo (a day of rest for the skiers and snowboarders). So we me breakfast, ate together, and spent the morning talking, playing games, and just generally enjoying each other's company.
Once we got a little stir-crazy, we ventured into town (taking 2 cars) and the other half of the party was able to see the cute little town of Kimberley. We showed them the bakery and the cute shops, and we drove to the next town over to explore the Marysville Falls. The "big falls" were about a 5-min trek downhill and were mostly frozen over, but were still awesome. Then upon our return to the cars we saw a Mule deer and her fawn right in the parking lot! They were not frightened of us at all, seeming more comfortable in town than we were.
After this we were a bit hungry, so we went to an Indian restaurant in town, where we ran into a brother we had met at meeting the night before. He was by himself, so he joined our party and afterwards invited us to go to one of the local hot springs (apparently there are 5 within an hour of town).
The drive there took about 45 minutes but the view of the mountains at sunset was gorgeous! 🌄 Once we were there, it was another walk downhill, and then the 10-second shock of stopping down to your swimsuit before climbing down the rocks into the natural hot springs...and BOY did that feel WONDERFUL!!! We stayed until dark and were able to enjoy the beautiful night sky away from the light pollution of town. 🎇
It was so relaxing you almost forgot that you had to climb out of the springs and stand in the 10-degree weather in order to put your clothes back on and walk back uphill (at about a 60% grade!) to get back to the cars! ❄️ Needless to say, all the girls' hair were icicles by the end of it.
After the drive back we went back to the condo, we all showered, and then met the brother again for dinner at a local pub called Sullivan's. The food was amazing and the company even more we decided to keep the party going and he came back to the condo with us and we all played cards until the wee hours.
So long was the day that I didn't update the blog until this morning. I have high hopes that the rest of our trip will be full of just as much fun and adventure!

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The Hot PoolThe Hot Pool
The Hot Pool

There were 3 pools at the hot springs all varying in temperature. The hot one was at the top and was about 110 degrees.
The Cooler PoolThe Cooler Pool
The Cooler Pool

The second pool down was a bit cooler (about 80 degrees) and every time someone in the top pool moved it sent a wave of hot water down. It was also much shallower.

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