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March 12th 2007
Published: March 12th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Wow, take it from experience. Do not book two different tickets for flights on one trip.
If all of the flights are on one ticket one would simply find out the requirements for the airline you get on to at origin and pick them up at the end. But with two separate tickets there is the problem of complying with two different airline’s conditions with one set of luggage or pay extra.

Well I’ve heard a couple of people tell me that since my plane leaves just two hours after arrival in Johannesburg, South Africa that Virgin Atlantic airlines will probably transfer the luggage otherwise we are paring down in South Africa and I hope that the two suitcases of donations get to a worthy cause there.

Then there’s carryon… I had to leave a great carryon suitcase behind because the laptop and the bag weighed the limit so I wouldn’t have been able to bring any extra stuff for the two day long travel time. Turf that and go with an old backpack that weighs 3 lbs instead of 10.

Prayers will get us through this travel time and I will be sooo glad when we set foot on Zimbabwe soil (more likely pavement). The bird and the dog will miss us. Take care everybody, I will update as soon as I can.


13th March 2007

Luggage and Travel
I have to feel for the luggage issue. I too have had to give up certain items that i wanted to take due to the limit. Even now i am sending some things home via slow mail in an effort to 'trim down' the weight. Hoping things go well for the both of you. I'm envious of your adventure! Stay safe.
15th March 2007

Hi guys, Yes, there are always hickups on trips. Keep your goal in the forefront and go for GOD. God is with you both and He has not brought you this far to leave ya now. Joan
16th March 2007

Hope you made it safely
Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. Hope all went well on your flight... I am sure God is in control. I am sure he will bless you as much or more than you will bless others during your time... Keep us posted... can't wait to hear from you. I did try to SMS Godwill... hopefully I will hear back from him as to your were-abouts! Love, Charlene

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