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March 26th 2018
Published: April 12th 2018
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The town of Golden is our next stop but we don’t plan to spend years here, in fact only a couple of days. Although it is close (about 10 miles) from the ski resort of Kicking Horse the logistics of staying in town and skiing in Kicking Horse seems tricky, so after some debate we opt to spend only 3 nights here and longer in Banff, and see if we can figure out a way to get up to KH and if we can’t we won’t have lost much and we will find other things to do here.

This turns out to be the right call. There is no shuttle bus from Golden to KH (there was until 2016 but none now). You can take a taxi (there is only 1 taxi company in town) but they charge $60 each way which is a bit steep. The nearest hire car office is in Lake Louise 80km away. I briefly think I have a solution when I discover that there is a U-Haul operation in town and the web site advertises pickups but a phone call to the office dashes this as they don’t have pickups for hire here. I could probably hire a delivery van but that doesn’t really appeal.

I’m beginning to think there might be some local conspiracy to force guests to stay on the mountain or that the mayor of Golden runs the taxi company. In the end the weather is the deciding factor, it’s cloudy and as there hadn’t been much recent snow we decide to skip the skiing and find other things to do here for 2 days.

The 1st day we take a walk around the town to see what we find. There isn’t much to see, the campground is closed and most of the tourist facilities are summer only but the wooden bridge across the frozen river is quite photogenic.

The next day we go to the local wolf centre. The centre is good with an interesting talk about wolf conservation. The wolves have all been brought up in captivity so are tame, but they are in cages so it is hard to take good pictures. They also do a “Walk with Wolves” tour which is a hike in the country with the wolves and their handlers (the wolves are not on leads for the walk) and on this you can take very good photos; we hear this is excellent tour but it’s also expensive. The wolf centre is 15km from town so we taxi there and as the weather is fine walk back. It’s a fairly long hike but it’s along the back road which is quiet and flattish. Just on the edge of town we pass the Canadian war cemetery and have a good view across the town.

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