Alaska Cruisetour - Day 11

Published: January 6th 2020
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Woke up late this morning as this will be our last day at ship. We had not spent a lot of time looking at shops or other entertainment at the cruise ship. There were some planned activities also such as ‘Intro to Chefs and maitre d. Even though, the program was not a serious cooking show, it included a tour of the kitchen and other cooking facilities. SOme of the statistics for serving 2000 folks in the ship are staggering. For example, 800 pounds of coffee powder per day is used in the ship. It is a massive operation and so much preparation and work that goes on in the background before a smiling waiter serves you with the dessert when you are at your dining table. Crew typically stays for 9 months stretch (most of the time without thier family). Typically, the employees sign a contract for 2 years or so at a time. Ship’s decision to renew you, if they are satisfied with your output. Today’s main feature is that we will be sailing through Canada’s inside passage. These are narrow inlets close to the shore in British Columbia province in Canada. This area is famous for spotting killer whales and other types of sea animals. Mark the naturalist was on hand to guide us through the region. Funny part was that Ship did sail close to some these creatures. By the time, Mark would ask us to move from Port to Starboard side, we would lose track of these creatures. We would have crossed the mid-ship area at east 6 times trying to spot these whales. We also decided to workout for one last time as all us felt like we have been eating quite a bit! Tonight’s entertainment was this show and musical “On the bayou” - New Orleans based musical. It was very well produced, and entertaining show.


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