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11th February 2010

Fantastic & Groovy
Thank you for making me laugh out loud! And also for touching deep down into my soul always. Fantastic read & groovy pics. So sorry you lost Palma. Big Hug. MAC from California
11th February 2010

Claire, I am so happy you are writing again, and this piece is a beautiful journey through your return to yoga. What a lovely transition to the changes that you made back in the UK. Much love to you! xoxo Diana
20th February 2010

I was born in Vancouver (think the driving sounds of "the Boss" lol
enjoyed this entry so much, my friend... bit of creative spelling of my name after all these years... come and visit me in my little house by the sea in Sointula, any time! We'll indulge in more craniosacral, more breathwork more activations. Love ya
21st February 2010

You're back on the airwaves, thanks for this story, and so sad about the beautiful Palma, we are here but for a second in the scheme of things and you are sure making the most of your precious time, love you

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