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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 15th 2021

Day 14. This is my last full day in Cranbrook. It seemed like a good day for bacon and eggs since it will be a simple breakfast tomorrow. I decided a ride back to Creston was the route de jour. I’d only been that way once and I found a few secondary roads this time which made for some new pictures. A short ways out of the city a group of about 20 Hells Angels blew past me on a sold line. One in particular cut right back in front of me within feet while another waved as he passed. You’ll find all kinds no matter where you look. Further down the road traffic was stopped for paving and I could see the group ahead. When I got to Creston I pulled into a gas station ... read more
Another good sign of things to come

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 14th 2021

Day 13 The guy on the phone yesterday told me the welding shop opened at eight. I got up at seven, had a banana and gathered some tools to remove the bracket with the broken tab from my motorcycle. It’s not a big job and I’ve done it enough times that it’s not at all intimidating. I did forget that the muffler needs to be removed though. No biggie, two more bolts. I grabbed a protein bar, some peanuts and my gym bag in the hopes that I could drop the bracket off and pick it up later in the day. The gym was quite close and I wasn’t riding anyway. The guy at the welding shop took my part and said hang on a minute. He returned and said the supervisor said if I could ... read more
I didn’t see any
Just for fun

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 13th 2021

Day 12. The thunder woke me up last night at some point but I didn’t hear any rain until the next time I awoke at 4:15 but even that wasn’t much. I put the awning out to cover my cooking table and half the bike. Breakfast was PB on toast and yogurt with raspberries and nuts. Quick, easy and minimal cleanup compared to back and eggs. I cleaned the previous days dust off the bike and was off. I decided I’d try the road I stumbled upon a couple days earlier in the opposite direction for a different view. I saw another road on google maps I assumed was a gravel logging road but went to be sure. The first few kilometres turned out to be paved and lead me to a reservoir on the Kootenay ... read more
Kootenay River.
Kootenay River
Kootenay River

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 12th 2021

Day 11. I never actually checked to see if there are in fact hot springs in the city of Radium Hot Springs. I’m bad with sight seeing and tourist destinations. I’m bad at stopping to look at anything which is ridiculous because I have nowhere to be. It was a late start today. I was up much too late last night and once I finally finished breakfast and got mobile I spotted a coupe in the park with a Yamaha FZ-09 which is the previous version of the Tracer 9 GT which currently has my interest so I had to stop and see what his impressions were. Turns out he was a chatty Patty telling me every modification he had done as well as his and his fathers previous bikes. Eleven o’clock and off I go. ... read more
Hoodoo Lookout

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 11th 2021

Day 10. Another dead end. Yoghurt with raspberries and nuts, then pancakes started the day. The forecast was for hot and sunny again so I left my chaps and sweater behind as I rode away from camp toward the mining town of Elkford. It’s at the end of paved road although there does appear to be a gravel continuation for logging or perhaps another mine. There is a coal mine or maybe many in the area. Coal for making steel according to Google. Part of the route was back over the route I came to Cranbrook on on Friday but it always looks different from the saddle then the seat. Heading South East on Hwy 3/93 I was admiring a mountain range to my left but couldn’t see a place to stop for a picture. Once ... read more
Lizard range
Lizard Range
Lizard Range

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 10th 2021

Day 9. Ride day. The wifi here seems to get overwhelmed in the evening and I couldn’t get yesterday’s post uploaded before I went to bed. I woke up at 1:00 am and had internet service but couldn’t log on to this site. When I woke up about 4:00 I tried it again and it worked but must have taken a half hour with all the photos. Luckily I slept till 8:20 which is unusual but I’m happy for it. Bacon and eggs were on my mind and then in my stomach before heading out on the bike. I had a route laid out last evening and programmed the GPS but then this morning decided maybe it was a bit ambitious for the first ride so I picked Kootenay Bay knowing I’d have to backtrack the ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook July 9th 2021

Day 8. 3753Km. I’m happy to have arrived at my first British Columbia destination and the scenery is beautiful but I’m a little disappointed with the campground itself. It’s wide open with no shade which surprises me a bit for BC but not for a KOA I suppose. I only have myself to blame for not doing better research though. When I booked this entire trip back in December I searched for what campgrounds I could book online and the KOA website is handy for that. Most campgrounds were closed for the winter at that point and there was no way to book by phone. Shortly after leaving Lethbridge I could see the mountains. I remember the feeling of excitement from last time I first saw them when leaving Calgary. First just a dark bump on ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook June 20th 2017

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir je suis exactement à Creston 60 km au sud de Cranbrook. A une dizaine de km de l'Idaho USA. Ce matin un petit 10°, avec un ciel bien noir, donc le tour de bateau tombe à l'eau!!!. J'avoue que je n'ai pas trouvé Waterton Lakes aussi beau qu'il y a 3 ans. Pourtant le temps était plus mauvais, je me souviens que le matin il faisait 1°, que j'avais peur de la neige, elle était tombée dans la nuit presque en bas des montagnes. Mais c'était 3 semaines plus tôt. Enfin je suis parti sans regret pour l'excursion manquée sur les lacs. 50km plus loin le soleil est arrivé et la température est monté jusqu'à 25°. Très agréable de rouler dans ces belles montagnes, ces belles forêt de la Colombie Britannique. ... read more
Waterton Lakes
la route cet A M
il y avait 50 cms d'eau

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook June 19th 2014

Lorsque je me suis couché hier au soir, la température était de 1*, et toujours la pluie intense. Dans la nuit, je me suis réveillé en sursaut, et si la pluie avait tourné en neige. Non toujours la pluie avec la même intensité. Ouf. La météo avait pourtant, annoncé de l' amélioration, le matin et éclaircie l' apres midi. J' ai trainé au maximum, avant de décoller, bien sur sous la pluie. Je suis retourné au port que j' avais vu la veille, en espérant faire de belles photos, en me disant tant pis elles seront avec la pluie, pas le choix. Plus question de s' approcher le parking était sous 30 a 50 cms d' eau. plus loin c' était les maisons, encore plus loin toutes les prairies. 36 heures de forte pluie ca laisse ... read more
on vérifie les ammarres ?
place aux bateaux sur le parking
option moto pas le jour

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Cranbrook August 20th 2013

We had a beautiful drive today from Canmore, Alberta to Cranbook, British Columba. There were all kinds of warnings about lots of wildlife along the highway we traveled, but all we saw was a coyote and a couple of big horn sheep. Not much happening in this border town. Yep, we are almost to the USA border. We are ready for cheaper camping fees and gas.... read more
Columbia Lake - it turns into the Columbia River
Looks like a boat
Not shadows on the mountain, they are trees

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