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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack April 19th 2020

This has got to be the weirdest situation we’ve ever found ourselves in, eh? As global citizens, we gotta do our part. Stay home. Practice safe distancing. Wash our hands. Remain calm. Be respectful. Help neighbours. For me, it all started when a very stern looking Justin Trudeau stared into the camera and said, "...and to those Canadians abroad, it's time to come home now." Our virile Prime Minister's expression told me he might know something I didn't. But what if you have two official homes? Should I stay or should I go? To be honest Justin, I’d much rather stay in Mexico and wake up to glorious sunshine. Decision: Hunker down, see what happens. A month in and things were good in Cabo. No reported Covid19 cases. Then a plane load of American college students ... read more
Trails are Open
Glorious Spring in Chilliwack
Lonely Tulips

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack September 26th 2016

All the superlatives ring true in British Columbia ~ Spectacular, stunning, awesome, beautiful............... It is actually known as ' Super, Natural B.C.' ! Considering the fact that over 4 million people live in this province, it's incredible how unspoiled it is ! Snow-capped mountains, some of the most pristine lakes in the world, forests where the silence and air quality refresh your spirit.......not to mention the unique experience of witnessing the 'salmon run ' in October/November. Any season of the year, it is amazing, but Autumn is especially vibrant.... read more
Imagine the view
Peaceful valley

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack July 29th 2016

The Tamihi Trail winds through the forest beside the beautiful Vedder River. There are many spots to relax & sit on the rocks, or a little beach. One of those ' good for the soul ' experiences !... read more

Well the Econolodge in Bellingham not so bad, decent bed , quiet enough , fair price. The Continental Breakfast might have been good on some Continents , not so much on this one. Just a few miles to the Blaine Crossing, first, wash the Cooper, pick up some groceries at Fred Myers , then make a run for the Border. The export procedure from the US , which paperwork had been faxed 4 days earlier, only took 10 minutes. The Canadian import much the same, paid the duty and the Air Conditioning fee, they released Form 1 to me and off we went Northbound we met up with Bill Zeilstra who was pulling out of a side road on his motorbike, after having checked their motorhome. Went to Zillies for a quick visit then back to ... read more
Abbotsford raspberries

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack August 29th 2012

Our Summer started out with Richard and his girls visiting at our house in Canada at the end of June. The last two days they were with us Tori and Kyra also came to stay and then travelled with us to Oregon. We all were back in Salem for the fireworrks on July 4 in Independance. All the girls had a great time together, swimming in the pool at the RV Park where Dwain and I will be staying for a month. Rebekah and Dan drove down to the Oregon coast on Friday and the whole family (except for David's) met out at Lincoln City for a day at the beach together. Tori and Kyra then went backhome to Canada with their mom and dad.... read more
2012-07-14 Allison swimming in pool at RV park
2012-07-14 Catherine in pool at RV park
2012-07-14 Christina next

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack May 13th 2012

Hi again! Blogs are coming fast and furious now! After the Okanagan we headed southwest towards the lower mainland. The drive through the Fraser canyon and valley was spectacular! We had our last day off in Chilliwack on Saturday. We didn't waste a minute of it! Not sure when the next blog will publish because we actually have to start really working now!! Enjoy friends and family! Love Weedie and Jeepa xoxoxoxo... read more
Relaying down the highway
Cool cars in the orchard!
Hedley was an old gold mining town. Very cool place! It is on my list of places to go back to and explore.

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack October 13th 2011

I am hoping to leave on Saturday October 15th (Air Canada willing) for Thailand. I will be looking up friends and just wayward wanderings.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack September 7th 2011

A trying day. But when I went downtown to get a car wash (that part went well) and do a couple of other things, I got hit at an intersection and Dianne's car will probably be written off. The passenger door took the brunt of it, but the frame below the door is slightly bowed in and the repair cost could run as high as $5000. Since its a 2000 Saturn with 233,000 km on it, the market value is well below that, even though it runs great.... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack September 6th 2011

Up at 7 AM, found Don in the living room. He'd been up since 4:30 lowering his model railroad layout (about 8ft by 16ft) which is done by electric winches (I had expressed interest in seeing it). Lots of good conversation, pictures, etc. We did see the train layout (impressive though with much work on scenery yet to do with their daughter's help) and heard as well as saw the train engine whistling down the track! We left there after lunch and headed south toward Chilliwack on the Cariboo Highway (Gold Rush route) - actually #1 after Cache Creek). We were told to watch for Mountain Sheep but did not see any, driving a valley along the Thompson and Fraser rivers (did see some white water rafters). Got to Chilliwack just before 6PM, no thanks to ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Chilliwack February 6th 2010

Hello Everyone from sunny, warm and green Chilliwack! 100 Mile House was where we left off. Home of the biggest X-country skiis! We met Laura and John. They have a ranch on the edge of town. Rode their trusty steeds into town for the relay! Next stop Quesnel. Met some more very nice people. We are starting to see more wildlife on route as we get into the northern more remote areas. 2 moose, lots of deer and 5 coyotes so far. Our next celebration was in Burns Lake. Quite a small coummunity.We finally got some snow. Had a great snowball fight during the celebration. Even the locals joined in! We were thrilled when we found out we got to spend an extra day here for our day off!!! We did make the best of it. ... read more
Our new horsey friends
Team B BBQ Burns Lake
Frasier Canyon

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