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July 26th 2015
Published: August 8th 2015
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River Paddle

New experiences.

Mark offered Matthew a chance to pilot the solo kayak and he took it up. After some advice on getting in and getting out, Matthew was on the go and did really well in navigating the 19-foot long, narrow beast. His sleep must have reinforced the paddling and steering skills. Mark, in the rear seat of the canoe, sent out his fishing line and we trolled up the lake at a leisurely pace. He caught one small trout that he sent back to grow up some more. We continued to Murtle River, one of the lake's main sources, and proceeded to wander upstream a bit to a nice little beach on a sharp bend. Lunch!

Mark was designated our fisherman for the trip, and how he was able to cast and catch fish from a kayak. I don’t know how, but he made it work. In fact, he supplied us with one delicious fish fry as well as hors d’oeurves for a couple of meals. The fish were quite tasty although my tastes are not usually for the fishy kind. Matthew and Mark, however, greatly enjoyed the fresh catch--nothing like cold water trout. Mark tried out the
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-26Murtle Lake Trip 2015-26Murtle Lake Trip 2015-26

Matthew in Kayak
fishing on the river and had a few fish follow the lure until it snagged a log. Well, Mark was not going to lose this lure and jumped in to recover it. BTW the river water is VERY cold as Mark attested and had to resort to longer implements to recover it.

On the way back Matthew and I got the canoe up to a respectable 9.9 km an hour -- just could not get the last 0.1 for 10 -- Dad wore out.

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Murtle Lake Trip 2015-27Murtle Lake Trip 2015-27
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-27

Matthew in Kayak
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Murtle Lake Trip 2015-28

Front Canoe Position View
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-29Murtle Lake Trip 2015-29
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-29

Matthew in Kayak
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-30Murtle Lake Trip 2015-30
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-30

Matthew and Kayak up river
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-32Murtle Lake Trip 2015-32
Murtle Lake Trip 2015-32

Eagle Point Camp

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