Photos from Alaskan Highway, British Columbia, Canada, North America

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Can you see it now?
The reason we wear helmets ✔️
Goldwing Down.
Farewell Dinner.
Soap suds are good.
Time to wash the bikes.
Lucky having a bit of fun....
Group Photo at Monument of Alaska Highway.
Mile Post 0 Alaska Highway
Cool wooden structure.
Curved wooden bridge
Not what we came for, but didn’t last long.
Do I need a caption?
Smoky haze grounds (waters) all flights
Bigger Bugger.....
the Campbell Highway before the fire.
Stretch follows the chase truck to safety.
Too dangerously close
Rocky just made it through the fire zone
This trapped the chase truck and Stretch.
Can you see the treasure?
A bit of fun on the way.....thanks Stretch
the mighty Yukon River.
Down town Dawson City.
Yep, we have got to be in Chicken!
Wayne makes the most of a quiet moment.
wide open spaces in Alaska
Look Mum, no wing mirrors.
Goldwing in rest mode.
iphone Panorama Munchu Lake
Kind of a scary sight from the bug splattered windshield....please don't run into the road
You just have to keep taking these pictures
We made the whole damn round trip
These were the beautiful snow capped mountains in May...wait, is that a bakery sign
There were no calves in May
The Yukon River in Whitehorse, YT
Takes your breath away
Stone Sheep on the road just before they went over the rail
Our sign joins the others in the forest at Watson Lake
One of wonderful sights you may be lucky to see along the Alaska Highway
No room for dessert so we went back for Dessert-Lunch...bread pudding and Mixed Fruit pie
Michelle gets serious, she's thinking about that running black bear
Michelle finds a tall quiet type, she said he was a good listener
Michelle captures drive-by Black Bear running for the woods
Learning to hunt with spears at the Beringia Centre
Impressive little mountain by the lake
Going South...just follow the river through the beautiful canyon
Following the Pilot Car and the crowd
Dinner at Klondike Ribs and good as it looks
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