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Published: August 23rd 2010
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Big BuckBig BuckBig Buck

Standing in a field of unknown crop
Rich spent two hours working on getting our “black water” (euphemism for sewage) drained and really cleaned out. Yuck! It rained all night and it was a rainy morning. As we drove through the town, Nancy noticed a curling rink. Nearly every town we’ve been through has a curling rink, especially in Canada. Even Anchorage had one.
We’ve been noticing that the aster and the goldenrod are blooming. Those are late summer flowers, so the short season is nearly over. We ate lunch by a nice creek. It smelled so good because the clover and the white sweet clover were blooming all over. Mmmm.
As we drove along, there were signs about gas pipelines. Then we saw signs on dirt roads that read “Do Not Enter - Poisonous Gas” ofr “No Parking - Poisonous Gas”. There were work camps for pipeline workers that were rows of trailers divided up into motel rooms.
We saw several hawks for the first time on the trip.
Our favorite sign of the day was on a highway construction zone saying it was funded by “BC Stimulus Project”. British Columbia. Did we know Canada has a stimulus fund, too?
Later on, we stopped for fuel. Nancy went in the store to pay and got to talking with the clerks. One was from Jamaica. Can British subjects move from country to country without passports? We met several Chinese business owners and wondered if they had moved over from Hong Kong before it was handed over. Anyone know about British citizens moving around? Nancy said something to the clerk about being American. She responded in shock, “You’re an American? You don’t have an accent. I thought all Americans had accents.”
Nancy said, “I thought all Canadians had accents.”
The clerk said, “Oh, I see what you mean. You mean, eh.”
Well, what have Rich and I been talking about for days - Canadian accents.
As we approached our campground in a lovely Provincial park near Grand Prairie, we saw several big bucks with huge antlers standing in a grain field.
We set up the camper and drove back for pictures. They were gorgeous.


23rd August 2010

Wish I could have been with you in that store with the clerk...imagine it would have been an entertaining conversation,eh?

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