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Journée 10 (Jeudi le 7 juillet 2011) ========= Coram (Montana) à Fernie (Colombie-britannique) ========= 397 km (Cumulatif=5711) ========= Température : 31 degrés ========= Résumé : - Route « Going-to-the-sun » -------- o Hier, nous avons eu l’information que la magnifique route “Going-to-the-sun” est toujours enneigée et inaccessible; -------- o Aujourd’hui, on nous précise qu’elle est partiellement accessible -------- o Nous nous rendons sur place et parcourons à peine quelques kilomètres; -------- o On nous propose de prendre un autobus (shuttle) pour nous rendre plus haut dans la montagne. L’attente peut être de quelques heures. Nous rebroussons chemin; -------- o Dommage, j’aurais aimé voir cette route en moto du haut de la montagne ========= - Visite à l’hôpital: -------- o Alain traîne une blessure à l’épaule gauche d... read more
Entrée parc des glaciers
De la route "Going-to-the-sun"
De la route "Going-to-the-sun"

North America » Canada » British Columbia » 100 Mile House September 9th 2010

We started today with a 5 km run through 100 Mile House. Strangely, the newer houses in the area reminded us of Florida. The weather definitely didn't. It was 5 degrees when we set out. The terrain was so hilly we heated up quickly enough. There is very little to see in this town (we asked at the hotel desk and they were stumped!) so we took a short drive around before leaving. It was another long drive (5 hours) but very different from yesterday. The roads were windy and clung to the side of the mountains with sheer cliffs right beside the car. There were steep climbs and intimidating descents. These roads were what we expected when we thought of the Rockies, not the gentle curves and level passes we experienced in Alberta. Another difference ... read more
Strange attractions in Lillooet
Along the way

Keeping a blog updated while traveling is a real challenge. I find I am so tired by the end of the day that I just can not string words together. This entry is a summary of the time we spent in Quesnel from June 28th to July 3rd. Some may ask- why so long in Quesnel? Easy answer. I have family there and it has been three years since I spent any time with them. Julia and I arrived in Quesnel just in time for dinner and my brother Matt did not disappoint! BBQ ribs, grilled veggies, baked potatoes and loads of bread for Julia:) We were happy to get our pj's on early and have a quiet evening. We spent most of the time hanging out at my brother's place and venturing into town to ... read more

Adam's Blog: Hi folks - back on line again after a week on the high seas to Alaska....the internet rates were pretty exorbitant $1.50 a waited till we got back to LA....Anyway time to update our travels....going back to week 11 with some lovely photos to scan through: When we checked out of Jasper we took quite an adventurous journey to Bridge Lake which was 4 hours away, firstly spotting a black bear on the side of the road - 'blink and you'll miss it' then some elk..look out! Leaving the Rockies left us feeling we had seen some amazing scenery and wildlife.....we soon arrived at Bridge Lake as per my last entry - a fishing and camping you can think here nice thoughts like camping in the woods, the pristine freshwater lakes, aahhh ... read more
Bridge Lake Cabin view
Bridge Lake on Sunset
Lunch on the Deck

Again here are some great pics for your pleasure: ... read more
Bridge Lake Sunrise
From the Goat Track Mountain
Vancouver City

Following the Gold Rush Trail Oh the things we’ve seen! Our drive from Hope to Quesnel took us through the Fraser Canyon. I cannot begin to find the words to describe how truly magnificent this drive is. Pictures do not do it justice although we took plenty of them. There was rain off and on but that did not in any way detract from the experience. In fact there were times when driving through clouds was the most magnificent and magical adventure. How many times have you looked at the sky and wanted to touch the clouds? We DID! Our first stop along the way was at Hell’s Gate. Over 800 million litres of water per minute pass through a 33 metre wide passage on the Fraser River at this spot. In 1808, Simon Fraser exclaimed ... read more

Adam's Blog: (We'll be jumping on our cruise ship soon so may not get a chance to update 11th week highlights later, so here goes now - without photos): We checked out of our hotel in Jasper Sunday morning early as with a 4 hour drive ahead it was going to be a busy day... The family finally realised my need to be at Bridge Lake by midday because as soon as we got there I turned the tv on to fina Australia were down 0-4 with 10 minutes to go against Germany....not happy....oohh well...Our highlight of the drive was eeing another black bear and elk on the road side. The drive down out of the Rockies was a constant roller coaster through valleys around lakes. We said goodbye to the snow capped mountains and found ... read more

Day 4 If you've ever thought about driving across Canada to Alaska I say go for it. But a word of caution, check with the visitors center of the town prior to taking a cutoff, especially if you have a deadline. We had the idea that we wanted to go by Whistler to see where the Olympic ski events had taken place. This was really great as we love the winter Olympics. Unfortunately we did not check before heading out and, the road past Whistler is, as reported in the Milepost, the steepest grade in Canada. It also is very narrow and winding making for a very slow drive. We stopped at the 100 mile house and inquired about the next cutoff as we were interested in taking the Cassiar Hwy north saving 100 miles rather ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » 100 Mile House January 28th 2010

Hello again! We have a late start today so here is our update. After Banff we travelled to Invermere BC. Very scenic drive as they all seem to be lately! We went to Creston next. We are on days now so we are in smaller communities. After our celebration in Creston we went to a tiny village called Ymir where our manager/buddy Jeff ran the torch. Very cool. Ymir has the oldest continuously running hotel in BC. Quite amazing for a tiny village. We carried on to Trail. After Trail was Penticton. The people are all so friendly and the spirit keeps getting higher as we get closer to the end. Everyone is very excited!The Okanogan Valley is spectacular. Lakes are not frozen, no snow and the sun is always shining. We went to Vernon and ... read more
Coming into Radium Springs
strawberry pass

North America » Canada » British Columbia » 100 Mile House January 5th 2010

The needles from the Christmas tree are one by one drying up and falling off and I am coming to the realization that the anticipation and chaos of Christmas has passed as has the ring in of the New Year, and thus the date of departure of my newest of adventure is only days away. January 13th I will embark on an adventure that I hadn't thought that I wanted to do, but now am barley able to sleep at night because of the built up excitement and urge to land in the county of tango and fine red wine. Over the course of the year I have graduated from University, been lost amongst the drones of people applying for jobs in the working world without any real experience, packed up my life as I knew ... read more

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