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North America » Canada » Alberta » Red Deer December 10th 2010

Well it's funny... this stage of the blog is about our stay in Red Deer, but what did we actually do in Red Deer?? Not as much as we did outside of Red Deer! First of all, our trip to Red Deer was an amazing adventure, we took a 4 and half hour detour through the Rockies on our way to Calgary. The mountains we absolutely beautiful, we would have camped in there had it not been snowing and minus 5 (or more!). Not only were the mountains beautiful, but the wildlife was quite the sight and were everywhere. We got stopped dead on the road by a group of Rocky Mountain sheep. As we came to a halt they stood in front of us for about 2 mins before deciding to run off the road ... read more
Christian and I in the middle of the Rockies

North America » Canada » Alberta » Red Deer July 6th 2010

OK!!!! Today was the day to cross the border into Canada. Upon arrival at the border crossing at 1pm we were interviewed by the young lady at the window who apparently had a rough night as she made it rough on us at the drive up window. I informed her that I was bringing into Canada a shotgun. She informed me to pull into the parking area and bring in the paperwork for the shotgun and our passports, NOT THE SHOTGUN!!! We entered the customs office and approached the counter where apparently the brother of the young lady (as they had the same disposition) informed us to leave our passports with him and have a seat. Once seated, a man on my left made a comment about my cap - - LSU!! He, it turned out; ... read more
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North America » Canada » Alberta » Red Deer June 28th 2010

As we left Lethbridge, Canada we saw two versions of the spelling of the river - Oldman River or Old Man River. Hmm, a big river, but not a match for the Mississippi. We traveled on a beautiful 4-lane highway over the rolling prairie with hardly any other traffic. We arrived in Red Deer early, so Nancy went birding in a wildlife sanctuary. Rich and Daisy went shopping and then read under a shady tree while they waited. No dogs were allowed in the sanctuary. It was a 2 1/2 mile hike around a couple of lakes and up and down some hills, so Nancy had a workout! She added two birds to her list. One was the red-necked grebe. It was carrying two babies on its back! So cute! She watched some beavers gathering food, ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Red Deer July 9th 2008

Geo: 52.2623, -113.817Back home in time to celebrate Ma Cat's (Darold's Mom) birthday at the Quarry.... read more

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