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North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat June 26th 2007

I arrived in Medicine Hat on June 26th and settled into a very pretty campground just outside the limits of the City of Medicine Hat. The campground is located on a golf course and the view through my windshield is of the 18th tee. There are several avid golfers out on the course by 7 a.m., which is usually the time I take a walk, so I have enjoyed seeing some good shots and heard “fore“ several times. Our family arrived in Medicine Hat on July 1st of 1977, the population then was about 36000. The land approaching Medicine Hat is very flat in all directions but the city itself is built in and around a cluster of hills known as “coulees.” Which is apparently a French word. The campground/golf course is located in one of ... read more
Golf Course
All the Bases
Canada Day

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat April 19th 2007

The Silk Road Ars Council has put out an RFP to study the music of the basket cultures in the Pacific Northwest. Once again, Aloha Joe & Aloha Jane, the Pineapple Princess, have responded! Together, we are hoping to receive another generous study grant from the Silk Road Arts Council to study in the USA! We hope to confirm our study travel adventure by May 1, 2007. You can also visit Aloha Jane.... read more
Aloha Joe & Aloha Jane

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat December 12th 2006

Well back safe and sound in Canada now and the road trip has unfortunately come to an end. We went skiing in Banff at the end of it which was awesome and luckily no broken bones. The pictures show just how gorgeous it is. Nick and I are now spending a week back in Medicine Hat before leaving back for the UK on Saturday. It really has been a wicked experience seeing all these places and doing so much. Just seems like years ago that we were first in Las Vegas. While on our trip, the 4 of us decided to dabble in a bit of retail therapy (as is only right in America)! We decided to have an add up of what we had bough between the 4 of us and goes something like this: ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat November 19th 2006

0400 in the morning here and getting ready to set off. Currently -11 degrees so feeling a tad chilly. Hoping to make some ground today and cover about 800 miles. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat November 19th 2006

After a slight delay at the airport we have finally made it to our base. It's only 2020 here but as we're still in british time it feels like 0320 so gettin sleepy. Though catching up over a few glasses of vino so never one to complain! the pics show the couple, Danny and Anna, hat we've met with as well as our wait at the airport and us finally getting to Canada. Got to be up in a few hours as probably setting off about 0500 to get down to the American border and passing through Montana, Idaho and Utah to get as near to the Grand Canyon as we can. Gonna be a long day!!... read more
Pre flight brekkie 2
The plane
Canada at last

North America » Canada » Alberta » Medicine Hat June 15th 2006

Today the funniest thing happened to us. Leanne and I woke up to someone saying, "Excuse me, there will be a herd of cattle coming through here in a few minutes, You might want to move your tent!" Well, we have never packed up so quickly! Yikes, It was like running from a very slow moving avalanche! We got out just in the nick of time. Now we are drying off inside a visitor's centre where it is dry cause we have been stuck in the rain for all of Alberta.... I guess I should recap up to this point. We are now in Alberta! After 6 grueling mountain passes and many other climbs, our legs are glad to say farewell to BC. We did enjoy many of the quaint mining towns and really friendly folks ... read more
Fernie Vista
Fernie Vista
Pincher Creek folks

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