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North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge July 4th 2017

Highway #3 curls around Crowsnest Ridge and descends into a valley of lakes. The valley thus suddenly revealed, the elevation and the way it opens out before the observer, makes for a fittingly dramatic entrance to Alberta. I pedalled down through the series of little towns that together make up the municipality of Crowsnest pass: Coleman, Blairmore, Frank and Bellevue. The Frank slide is the matching bookend to the Hope slide on the Crowsnest route through the Rockies. I looked out on that somber place, boulders the size of houses piled up in a huge area, a graveyard now because most of the bodies of those killed there were never recovered. In the early morning of April 29, 1903, half of Turtle mountain fell away, buring the eastern part of Frank and killing as many as ... read more
Goodbye Rockies
Cactus flower at Grassy Lake

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge August 4th 2016

Geo: 49.6938, -112.834On this day I always recall lying in a hospital bed all day and all night, trying to give life to my first born son…it was a very long day, but he didn't arrive until the next morning. Happy Birthday, Scott. Tomorrow. Well, we gained another hour yesterday and that combined with a too-warm hotel room, we were up early and ready to hit the road. We left at 7:55 and 59 degrees. Brrr. We began the day driving through more fertile farmland. They call this a scenic highway and it did not disappoint. At first it was very flat with fields of grain and green grass with bales of hay scattered all over the fields. (What are they doing with all of this hay?) I saw a Hay Processing Plant but I had ... read more
Fertile farmland
Fertile farmland
Fertile farmland

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge July 10th 2016

10 Jul 2016: Our purpose in stopping in Lethbridge was to visit "Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump", a UNESCO World Heritage site. The place contains a six story museum built into the hillside full of displays of artifacts and mixed media telling about the place. It is well worth your time if you have an opportunity to visit. Archeologists have excavated and found evidence of hunts going back 5800 years. That is older than the pyramids, older that Stonehenge. For some reason nobody can yet explain, there was a period of about 1,000 intervening years in which no evidence of hunts are found. Why is that? The site contains a sandstone ledge with a drop of about 30 feet. The land curves so you cannot see the drop off until you are right on top of ... read more
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Bison emerging from Yellowstone River
Grazing Bison

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge November 12th 2015

So after 2 months in Canada I feel officially settled in and boy do I love it! I believe that I suffered from acute culture shock as I naively hadn't anticipated the lifestyle to be so different, however now, I love it. From my last entry, which encompassed Thanks Giving and other lovely activities, I haven't strayed too far from the university. Dan and I both decided we needed a little pick-me-up so we went to the 'Throw Back Cab' where we both dressed up in costumes from the 50's on wards and had a thoroughly enjoyable night. So enjoyable that as soon as we got in, I fell asleep instantly from dancing all my energy away. Then came Halloween! We decorated our apartment and carved pumpkins, to the Canadian standard however the pumpkin I created ... read more
Field trip to Cottonwoods

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge September 19th 2015

The journey was very long, we traveled for over 36 hours, and with a lack of sleep I was a grumpy arse. We sat in Calgary airport for 12 hours waiting for our coach to take us to Lethbridge. After trawling the departures lounge more than once, the first thing that struck me was the size of everything! Canada consumes. So, we arrived in Lethbridge and student life began. Let me begin by saying my housemates are just fantastic and I am privileged to have them all. Dan on the other hand wasn’t initially quite so lucky and within 2 weeks he moved apartments and we found ourselves 2 floors away from one another….. A lovely experience, and I bought myself some Jam-something I had been craving since I arrived. The next day we ventured off ... read more
Upper-lake, Waterton
Beautiful Waterton
Prince of Wales Hotel-Waterton

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge September 6th 2015

So this story is slightly long- a year long in fact, however the year has only just begun, the stories are unraveling and the memories are being built. Let me take you back to December the 12th 2014. The day I found out it was all about to change. I had applied for a once in a life time opportunity; to study in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada for the net year and against all odds I won my place along with a fellow student who for this sake we shall call Dan. The preparations began. Accommodation was applied for, visas were paid for, suitcases bought and endless lists created. Time quickly began to tick away and before I knew it, it was the 6th of September 2015 and I was jumping in the car and waving good ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge September 2nd 2012

Heading South about an hour we get to Nanton where there is the Nanton Air Museum and the Nanton Candy Store. We stop and have a look through the museum and buy some lollies (or should we say candy). The museum was interesting, they had a lot of different planes to look at and you could go inside a few of them too. The candy store had lots of cool candy we could remember from when we were little but don’t really see anymore, our purchases consisted of poprocks and sherbert. We carried on to our destination, Head Smashed in Buffallo Jump, It was an interesting place to visit, the building was built into the side of a hill, we stopped at the theatre and watched a video of what the Buffallo Jump was and how ... read more
Photo 13
Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump
Photo 3

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge August 5th 2012

5th August ’12 Calgary to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump and Fort McCloud, Alberta We left Calgary on a Sunday so fortunately the streets were really quiet, obviously a good day to drive in the city. As we left we passed through an interesting area which was hosting the Fringe Festival and looked much more inviting than Downtown where we had stayed. Then we were out on the Deerfoot Trail (the main highway south) and after 2 ½ hours we reached the turn off to Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump – a place we read about and were intrigued by right back in the trip planning stages. It is actually the location of one of the original Blackfoot Indian Buffalo Jumps. This dates back thousands of years to the time before Indians had either guns or ... read more
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump
Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge July 3rd 2012

Hi, Well here we are about to head out for Saskatchewan tomorrow morning, first stop Cypress Hills. At the begining of June we spent 2 weeks in Lethbridge and then went to Drumheller for 2 weeks then back to Lethbridge for 5 days. We did a lot of visiting with my sisters and families in Lethbridge. Now we are anxcious to get on the road.... read more
T rex
Kimberly and Avery

North America » Canada » Alberta » Lethbridge February 29th 2012

Hello from the western part of this great country of ours. We have blown through the prairies! It has been so long since my last blog that I will not bore you with too much written details. Enjoy the pics and captions. Can't wait to see everyone soon. Flying home on Saturday, March 3rd. Until then, Cheers, Weedie and Jeepa xoxo... read more
Tomkin, Sk
Tomkins, Sk

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