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July 28th 2017
Published: August 20th 2017
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Fox LakeFox LakeFox Lake

Pretty view to accompany our sandwiches
After days of baking temperatures in Calgary, I welcomed the fresh breezes in Kananaskis as the perfect start to a day of carefree walking with Skrastin's Outdoor Club. Since dawdling over photography was anticipated, I agreed to be the sweep for our subgroup of about seven seekers of mild pleasures. The start of the walk to Fox Lake was stiffly up a discouraging incline, but the rest of the day was an undulating ramble through dappled woodlands.

The light smokey haze from forest fires in British Columbia shifted away from us by mid-day, when we sat on driftwood logs gazing at unimpeded views of the green lake. From the gigantic mountain backdrop to the tiny pale-cream paintbrush, my eyes absorbed the unrehearsed beauty of wild nature.

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Fleabane and PaintbrushFleabane and Paintbrush
Fleabane and Paintbrush

Joyous to see the delicate colours against the green
Elephant Head and FleabaneElephant Head and Fleabane
Elephant Head and Fleabane

Tiny elephant heads on a stalk!

Delicate blooms in the grass
Mountains of KananaskisMountains of Kananaskis
Mountains of Kananaskis

Imposing backdrop to our hiking
Stunning conclusion to our walkStunning conclusion to our walk
Stunning conclusion to our walk

Mountains along Highway 40

21st August 2017

This is not really a comment to be posted but rather a simple way to connect with you. I have been to some of your CPL presentations in the past and have been following your blog for quite some time. (I spoke with you in passing at the grand opening of Studio Bell on July 1, 2016. However, I certainly do not expect you to remember me from a thirty second conversation!) After church today, a few of us met to discuss our upcoming year of 55+ Luncheons. (We meet once per month, generally on the third Tuesday of the month, for lunch and a speaker. We have a small group who participate, of roughly two dozen people. The church is in the SW in Glenbrook.). We were brainstorming possible speakers and my mind immediately leapt to you when the topic of travel speakers came up. I knew you had amazing photos and experiences to share and that you were comfortable speaking in front of groups. What I do not know, however, is whether you would entertain doing something like this for such a small group in the community. I would appreciate knowing whether or not you would be willing to consider doing this sometime within the next few months. If not, that is just fine; I will continue to enjoy vicariously travelling the world with you through your blog. But if so, I can provide more details. I look forward to hearing from you.
21st August 2017

Then and now
When we drove through The Mountains (always the Rockies) as kids, I remember Mom exclaiming over the beauty of the vistas. Booooring, I thought. Now I appreciate them for the extraordinary mountains that they are. You've nicely captured the range of views, from the delicate and short-lived flowers to the massive, seemingly eternal mountains.
23rd August 2017

Then and now
Dreadful how we come to feel as our parents did! So hard not to act (and think) our age. The Mountains are indeed beautiful!

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