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North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton July 2nd 2015

From the title, you should be able to figure out that our patience is growing thin. We really like this country. It's very beautiful, quite diverse, and the people are for the most part friendly (except when they are driving in cities). We also feel this country is a bit wide in the middle. Unfortunately, laying off the honey or doing stoutness exercises may have worked for Winnie-the-Pooh, but I believe it won't work for Canada. Just to prove to you that Saskatchewan is not all flat, please see exhibit 1. This photo shows one side of a hill near the western edge of the province. Do you notice the downward slope from left to right? Also, the road began to have bends. The U-shaped valleys become more pronounced. (Thanks to Mr. Hincks, grade 9 geography ... read more
02_AB-SK Border

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton April 18th 2015

Ten solid hours of sleep and I wake with no muscle ache - thanks to the milkshake I had just after loading the trailer. Today is the long drive through the mountains and into the tunnels. If only I had my tape of "The Hobbit" to keep me company. Yesterday, I started the drive with "The Traveller" by The Alan Parsons Project. Today: "Fly By Night" by Rush. Even now I can feel the intensity of the power chords interplaying with the bass - strengthening the body and happying the heart. But before all this, I need to find a clean shirt. I should never have packed them in first :p... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton April 17th 2015

The big event for the day was how to back up the trailer with no experience. After a few missteps (right is on the other side, turn the other way, stop, go forward, get it straight, it's not too late, to whip it...) I successfully backed the trailer into the parking lot. Three hours later it was full of all my worldly possessions and I was moved out! All my possessions, except the lovely dresser from Gerry's childhood. Where is it now you ask? I strapped it to the roof of the Vibe and drove to the Eco centre. Unfortunately, the Eco centre had too tight of a turn for me to drive in. So, I unstrapped it and carried it by hand. As you expect, everyone else in the line asked who the eccentric was, ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton July 22nd 2014

Belle journée comme j' aurais aimé en avoir beaucoup plus.. Déjà il a fait tres beau, cet apres midi 26*, le ranch, et les montagnes autour de Jasper, sont superbes. Le ranch du nom de Black Cat, je n' ai vu que des chiens, est tenu, par un couple de "vieux" moins 60 ans, avec un côté rustique, campagnard, ce soir Mary, était en short, bottes bien crottées, et un autre côté tres British, par la courtoisie, l' amabilité, en un mot le tout correcte, poli. Il devait y avoir 7 ou 8 clients hier au soir. L' environnement, comme vous le verrez sur les photos, est fabuleux, au pieds de ce montagnes, ce pré, cette forêt en second plan, les chevaux, les cerfs de virginie qui viennent mangés avec les chevaux. Un cadre enchanteur pour ... read more
premiere vue du matin
le ranch
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North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton July 21st 2014

Ce soir je ne vais pas être dérangé par les camions de l' Alaska Highways. Bucolique le mot est un faible. Ce matin départ comme d' hab 7h30. A la sortie de Dawson Creek, je quitte la Colombie Britanic, province dans la quelle j' aurais passé pas mal de temps, depuis mon arrivée a Vancouver. Avec de tres bons souvenirs Vancouver belle ville, l' ile de Vancouver, Ucluelet, et surtout la traversée Port Hardy- Prince Rupert le plus marquant a ce jour, avec les glaciers d' Alaska. Je rentre a Alberta, direction Grande Prairie, le nom a été facile a trouver, effectivement c' est au milieu de tres grandes prairies. La route rien de terrible, Je traverse Pouce Coupe, mais la je n' ai l'explication sue le nom. Il y a en ce moment, de gros ... read more
du balcon de la chambre
les Rocheuses au fond
la route en bois

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton June 29th 2013

Spent the night in Hinton all campground full in Jasper. Off To Dawson Creek . Saw lots of sheep but no bears. (Barb)... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton December 24th 2011

CANADA ON THE RAILS, WEST THRU THE ROCKIES We woke up in Edmonton on Sunday morning, September 25, where our train was stopping for an hour to add another dome car for Rocky Mountain Viewing which was in our future today. While the various crews were getting this done, I did my constitutionals, at 6:30AM, walking fro and to, and to and fro, along our thirty car caravan, stationary for now outside the limits of the city airport strip. The new dome hitched in, we were on our way, settled for a ride into the Rockies. We floated along, taking breads, tea, coffee and yogurt, self-served. As we travelled west, intending to veer south for the Rockies when they would come, a few wild horses made their way parallel to us. We registered that the conifers, ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton September 2nd 2010

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but one of the greatest things about being a geologist is doing field work. Traveling to remote corners of the world (that's why I was in Bolivia in 2009 to look at rocks gives you an opportunity to see cool geology and cool places. In some cases, like when I was in staying in , you get to see and experience things a tourist never would. This year, I had the opportunity to do some field work in the remote corners of my own province. I set out, with two other grad students, to explore west-central Alberta. Our first stop was Bighorn Falls, where we were looking at some Lower Jurassic rocks. I'll try to spare you too much geology on this blog, suffice it to say it was fun ... read more
Columbia Icefields Parkway 5
Columbia Icefields Parkway 2
David Thompson Highway 6

North America » Canada » Alberta » Hinton June 21st 2010

Sun, 20 June Happy Father’s Day, all you Dads. We left our campground at Sikanni River and found the first rest area 100 miles down the road. At Ft. St. John we went to Walmart, then to Safeway for supplies and gasoline for the car. We were ready to finish this final stretch of the Alaska Highway. At Dawson Creek we took the requisite pictures at milepost 0, then went to the visitor center for patches, stickers, postcards and information on Alberta. We then went to the Alaska Highway House, a museum of the highway, where we took advantage of their free wifi to post blogs for Friday and Saturday. Then on to Highway 2 out of British Columbia and into Alberta. At the provincial line we passed the final well-marked litter barrel in BC. They ... read more
Gena, Moe & Bob
Charlie and Kerry
Actual Milepost 0

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