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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton October 1st 2005

Well, although all that is left of Mark and I's trip to the "land of smiles" are pictures, soveniers and a pile of memories - FEAR NOT! As Mark and I will be returning ASAP. To tell you the truth, the only thing that is getting me through school right now, is knowing the fact that I will be out of this country in less that 215 days. Yeah... that's a long time, but it's a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel called "University". I am presently looking in to some volunteering projects in Thailand. I would like to spend a month teaching English and then travel though Thailand for a month, and then over to Vietnam and Laos. All depends on funds though. As for Mark - I am sure he will ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 5th 2005

Hello all! Thanks to the urging of my Aunt Verna, Tara and I have decided to keep on online journal while we are traveling. It will make it easier for everyone to keep in touch and for us to let everyone know what we are up to. Lindsay ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton August 7th 2005

werd up guys. im at the moment in edmonton, the last few weeks in fairmont were ridiculous....our last night there we got kicked out of our cabin by the cops and evicted. hahahahaaaa. we were chased by the cops for over 2 hours. in the dark, bare feet, through bushes on a mountain. ahaha so anywho, i booted it up to edmonton to visit a few friends, staying in a pimp assed house, chillin with max attacks cooper. coop-daddy. :) good times, the first night we drank as a collective group, 98 about 6 or 7 shots of tequila ourselves. coronas were luckily 2 bucks that night....:) but between 6?? it was crazy. the next day we woke up around 4pm, then did a HUGE mofo of a tour around the city....i saw every corner. ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton June 28th 2005

We are in the packing stage, mostly - a little shopping left to do. The plans are all in place. Life is wonderful.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton May 17th 2005

Well in the last 8 days I we have traveled almost 3000km through landscape ranging from tropical forests to desert wineries to glacier fields and back again. We got a hire car and then tented along the way. Was a bit wiered being on the wrong side of the road! Highlights were: The Rock Mountains and the engineering needed to create a road through them. The wildlife including wolves, moose, deer and birds (eagles, osprey, quails and ducks) but unfortunately no bears despite Jason’s reassurance that we would soon see one… The fried halibut and chips at a shop claiming to have “the best chips in the world” - apparently that means their allowed to charge $10 for one piece of fish and a few bits of potato. Having my $100 note held up to the ... read more
Im the king of the world...
Mines bigger than yours.
View from winery and the Okenagen Falls circ. 1910

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton April 3rd 2005

So there's only 27 days left until Raylene and I get to enjoy 2 long months of amazing weather, mind-blowing scenery and an entirely new culture (not to mention all-night beach parties and elephant rides!). The excitement and anticipation makes studying for exams a feat in itself, but the sooner we get that over and done with, the sooner we can take off and let the experience of a lifetime begin... As things come together and we get a little closer to the trip, we'll try and make some updates with more pictures and information about the trip. Expect loads of pictures once we get to the Land of Smiles, and don't worry - uncontrollable jealously is perfectly normal. :P... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton December 15th 2004

I know that my one desire in this world is to be able to travel. I can't settle down this year to university or college or a 9 - 5 job. But now I'm wondering if I should do some schooling first, before I head off into the great unknown of Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australasia. I have no idea what to do... I don't want to lose my zest for travelling, and I don't want to settle down. I've been asking questions. And getting answers. None have completely satisfied me. All I know is I would be severely disappointed in myself if I held back my dreams because of everyone else's advice.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton October 14th 2004

Suffering a bit of jetlag but it is good to be home safe and sound. Over all it was a good trip. Sorry we did not keep up the blog, hard to find computers at times. Then other times when there was a computer we had no time. We were on the plane from London to Calgary for 9 hours. But it was a very nice flight. Lots of food and drink {juice and water}. Watched most of Shrek 2. Was dosing a bit before I realized it was on. Garrick was at the airport to pick me up even though I suggested he not come at that traffic rush hour time. Joyce's daughter Jodi came shortly after. She had Trina and Talitha with her. Will be glad to get over the jetlag and get back ... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 12th 2004

My friend Joyce and I are heading to Europe tomorrow. We will fly Edmonton to Toronto, then Toronto to Amsterdam. We hope to keep you updated through this travel log website.... read more

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton September 12th 2004

It has become countdown time - only one more sleep and we'll be on the plane to Europe.... read more

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